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Hey, I'm just wondering how many of you out there have ordered from Ubid before? (i know they sold a lot of senn 580s and denon 370s before..) and how your orders went? I ordered a sharp MT877 MD player from them today and unfortunately for my unprepared self I read a lot of bad reviews about them afterwards... I'm hoping all goes well.
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I had a very bad experience with uBid a couple months ago. I ordered a Sennheiser 580 and DSP Pro from them. First of all, it took three weeks for the package to get to me, and when I opened it I found not a set of headphones and a dsp processor, but a mouse!!! Not even a good mouse! The thing with uBid is that you have to wait about an hour on hold to talk to an actual person. They have this email form for asking questions but they never sent me any useful replies. They were all along the line of "we're looking into your problem." I eventually got it sorted out over the phone and received the correct package, but this took another 1-2 weeks. I have ordered things from them before and they arrived without incident, but they took a while to get to me. I don't think I'll buy anything from them again.
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Things went fine for me, as I received my Senn 580s and DSP in perfect condition... but maybe I was just lucky.
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I've had mixed results from Ubid. I've probably ordered from them 8 or 10 times, and I always got what I ordered, but the wait was usually pretty long, and I had a couple of refurbished FRS radiios that died on me a couple of months after I received them (too late to return them). Good deals can be had, but like with all auction sites, buyer beware.

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I've ordered a refurbished HD545 (15 months ago) and a refurbished HD570 (7 months ago) from them. Both arrived 4-5 days after ordering. The HD545's were actually new, so I got a better deal than expected. The HD570's were refurbished as advertised. Both have worked perfectly well. No complaints here.
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thanks, the item hasnt shipped yet but at least it got past the cc phase...
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