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I have 9 right now, though only 3 of them are >$100.  I'm definitely a bit of collector, but I make use of all of them regularly except for my MDR V150, which is now permanently retired.  For example, I have one for work, one for my home listening station, one for my home desktop computer, one for the basement library, one for drumming, one for my keyboard, one for walking around the house, and one for the gym. 


Edit:  up to 10 now, with 4 >$100.


And I do a lot of switching as well.  Depending on the song, I will sometimes swap headphones, amps, sources, or adjust EQ settings.  I enjoy hearing a wide variety of presentations and sounds much more than one "perfect" setup that will supposedly work for everything.

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You should consider making this into a poll question as well!


Purposely try not to think about it too much.


-2 iem's

-2 portable

-26 full-sized

-3 sets of drivers waiting for donor shells.

-3 pairs in pieces.


ouch time to go forget again


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One pair of Sony MDR-CD-870 Headphones



Two pair of AKG k701 Headphones



One pair of Denon AH-D 7000 Headphones                                                            Total 4                              

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5 headphones, 1 earbud


Grado Sr60

Grado Sr80

Grado Rs1i

Ultrasone Dj1

Ultrasone Pro 900

Shure 535

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One Sony Giiq.


One Sony MDRV6 in the mail.


One sony MDR9-series earbud (dont remember the model number after the 9) that I gave to my friend today as he was in dire need of an earbud that didnt sound like trash.


Thats it. Definetely a minority xD I also have a sennheiser earbud, but the pads on them are lost and I cant find any others.. If anyone knows where I can find replacement earbud pads that'd be cool :D

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Koss Portapro- for on the go

AKG Q701- for games and movies

Sennheiser HD650- for music

AKG K551- for noise control

Shure SCL4- for on the go noise control



Jecklin Floats Model 2

Bose Triport

V-Moda Vibe


And the rest which are not worth mentioning such as my Apple and Samsung earbuds and others

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3 pairs, but I only use 2 of em. Beyerdynamic DT-990's for movies and games, with the HiFiMan HE-500's doing all the music. My Grado SR-80i's are just sitting there in the corner. ;~; I'll give em to my sister and see if she starts using em.
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Since I started getting interested in audo late last year, I have gotten a few...see sig. Other than the 12 full size cans, I've some that I'd not listed as well (on-the-go cans and IEM's):

V-Moda Crossfade M100

Klipsch Image One BT

Klipsch Mode M40

Etymotic ER6 (from way back)

Shure SE215

Audio Technica CKX5is


As you can see, I'm more of an over ear guy, IEM's are just not my thing.....

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Three pairs at the moment


1. HD800 - full size open can for serious listening

2. MDR-Z7 - full size closed can when isolation is required as sometimes the missus complains of the HD800 sound leakage

3. ESW9Ltd - portable close can, which actually belongs to the missus

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See profile... I dont listen to all of them though.

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8 iems and 10 headphones. 3 earbuds

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Just updated my headphone collection. 

My Shure SCL4 was replaced by SE424 and now I have the newest addition: SE846. 

Want to get rid of my K551...

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AKG Q701
Shure SRH440

Narmoo S1
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Custom made Heir Tzar350
Etymotics HF3

Signature Pro

All of them in regular use
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Sennheiser HD 800s ( Anything and Everything )
Sennheiser HD 598s ( Movies, TV ) 
Sennheiser HD 650s ( Classic Rock, Blues )
Philips Fidelio X2s ( Organ, Big Band )
AKG Audio K712 PRO ( Jazz, Vocalists )
AKG Audio Q701 QJ ( Piano, Acoustic Guitar, and of course Quincy Jones )
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 Ohm ( Classical )
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