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How many pairs of headphones do you own?

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I did a quick search and couldn't find any recent threads. I've been reading this forum regularly for the past weeks. I'll be getting my first pair of quality phones soon but I keep getting carried away in all of this audio stuff and want to buy everything. I already have a list of multiple headphones that I want to own. I know its a bit ridiculous and is overkill but maybe its just because its all so new and exciting. So tell me, how many pairs of headphones do you own? Do you collect or do you keep one or two at a time and sell off the old when buying something new?

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I own one, and after looking around at HF, feels like I'm in the minority :D


I blame lack of funds due to uni.

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May be selling one soon

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Just one, changed over to speakers but kept my Beyers.

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Own 4, but that's the average I think.

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5 pairs. I love variety. Open dynamic, closed ortho, one for modding, and an IEM and earbuds for on the go.
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To the people with multiple headphones: How does that work? Do you simply swap out headphones based on what your current musical muse is?


Legitimate question; I'm not sure how this is done.

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2:  1 full sized, 1 IEM . . . . . . . .


If I count my Apple device earbuds:  over 10 biggrin.gif

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1 full sized, 1 IEM (broken and looking for a replacement) and a box full of random junk like ibuds

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5 pairs, and number 6 got ordered today. Got bitten by the bug recently, so I'm currently hunting high and low for that illusive "perfect" pair. Will keep 1 for gaming/movies, 1 for generally enjoying music and 1 for massive volume/bass. The rest will be sold. Atleast that's the plan

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I wonder how many pairs are in Jude's collection. . .

Could be an interesting contest...... Closest guess wins a pair of his "hand me downs". Haha

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2 iems. 4 full sized.


i dont like selling my old stuff. i like collecting shrug

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I've got my Denon AH-D5000s and also some SWEET Sony MDR-J10s, the real jewel of my bi-jeweled crown.

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Headphones? 28. Headphones + iem's 41.


I think my wife may put me on that hoarders show. tongue_smile.gif

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got my first AKG in today so I have 3 full size, and like 6-7 IEMs... total ever is closer to 20

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