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Best sub $300 IEMs

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I'm not an audiophile, however I do appreciate excellent sound quailty. I'd prefer ones that don't need to be amped (As I dont own an amp).

I mostly listen to Rock/Punk/Metal/Country Music. Most of my music is 320kbps and the rest is FLAC.


A friend recommended that the Monster Turbine Copper's were a good choice, however having done a bit of googling, I have managed to further confuse myself.


Currently the Best ones I can see online in the sub $300 category were;


Monster Turbine Copper

Shure SE-425

Sennheiser IE8

Ultimate Ears Triple Fi10


Are there any others that I should be considering? Or which out of those would be the best?


Any help would be much appreciated!





Currently I have; Dr.Dre Studios, Sennheiser/Adidas CX680 and Sony DR-EX300iP


P.s I think I posted this in the correct section, if I have not can a mod please move it or can someone direct me to the correct section.

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Honestly I would start with a pair of Brainwavz M2's.  They run around $65 and using a pair of T-400 Comply foam tips for $15 more you get a very nice sounding IEM.  They are built really well being strain relieved at both the jack and ear piece end.  They have a very wide sound stage with a slight upward tilt toward the bass frequencies.  I own a pair and really enjoy them.


Remember that Worthington's law does not typically hold true:

More money does not mean better than.

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The Dynamic IEMs like Sony EX600, Sony EX7550, Vsonic GR07, Sennheiser IE8, JVC FX700 and JVC FXT90 are highly recommended for these genres music. They all are detailed yet dynamic with good bass response and some offers wider out of head soundstage like IE8, FX700.
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Ortofon e-Q5 are wonderful earphones for the price of 250

Tandems are great as well as  Radius DDMs for Dynamic type

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Originally Posted by yello131 View Post

Ortofon e-Q5 are wonderful earphones for the price of 250

Tandems are great as well as  Radius DDMs for Dynamic type

Agreed on the e-Q5s. They're on the pricey side, but they sound spectacular and work well with pretty much any genre. The only real negative is they're not always the greatest for on-the-go use (I found their shape/weight made it hard to keep a good seal while walking even if worn over the ear, but it's definitely a YMMV thing) so you might want to look elsewhere if you plan on using them for something like daily commutes.

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