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For Sale: Burson HA160D Amp/DAC/Preamp

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For Sale:
Burson HA160D Amp/DAC/Preamp

Will Ship To: CONUS


Putting my Burson HA160D up for sale after 4 months of ownership.  I liked it a lot for what it was, but with subsequent source and amp upgrades it is a redundancy for me.  I'll try to put up some pictures within the next couple of days.  My last couple listings sold pretty quickly and this is a pretty popular item on head-fi, so it may not be around for long.  Edit - first picture is a stock photo, all the others are of my unit.  CONUS only.
Price includes insured shipping.

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For Sale: $1,100 (USD)
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Bump with pictures added.  Note- Upon close inspection, at certain angles, you can see a faint outline made by my Onkyo dock being placed directly on top of the Burson  (heat?).  It was not noticeable with normal pictures at normal angles, so I took one from a slightly different angle with different lighting and contrast where you can make it out for full disclosure purposes.


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In response to some inquiries, it comes with USB and power cords.  Lots of interest but no one has hit the "send money" button yet..

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So I see you have the hd 800's... how do they sound together? Looking for a all in one bedroom kind of set up lol.

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They are good as a one box solution with the HD800's at the price point.  I liked it better than the Isabellina HPA but I don't know if that's saying much.  Also, this is the more expensive Burson unit, not the DS.  

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