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What's The Best Time Of Year to Buy?

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As the title states, I'm basically asking what you fellow head-fiers think would be the best time to buy. I've been checking up on a couple of different headphones, waiting for some spontaneous sale and looking for a trend to follow so that by the time I'm able to pull the trigger, my wallet might survive with a bit of change if nothing else.


Mainly I've been looking at the DT880--ideally, the 600ohm versions seems right up my alley, but it's consistently $80-100 more expensive than the 250ohm version. I assume this is just a matter of supply/demand, but I can't help fantasize that I might someday find a 600ohm set at a 250ohm price.


As of this post, they're $280 and $220 respectively (which, actually, is the smallest differential I've seen yet) off of Amazon. I guess, for the time being, I'm waiting to see if Amazon will have any post-holiday sales that could bring these numbers down even lower. If not, do you guys think there's even a chance of catching a better deal?


Also, for anyone also hunting for good bargains, I found this Ultrasone 900 for only $300. It's not something I've been following as regularly as the Beyers, but it sounds like a good buy.

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You don't have to buy new.  Used ones turn up at good prices throughout the year.  Go used if you want to save a few dollars.

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Use sites like camelcamelcamel and cnet to follow pricing history.

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