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Get yourself or a friend into Audiophile heaven at a discount!!!

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I hope I'm not overstepping any forum guidelines, if so I do apologize, and such is not my intent whatsoever. I recently had to sell my Grado SR325is frown.gif I had my Ety 4S to dull the pain (quite nicely) however, I sold my cosmic amp with them. Yeah, poorly planned. I sold the amp my 32 ohm Grados scoffed at and my Ety's needed to breathe. Hindsights. . . So until I can find, more importantly, afford, a set of RS2is I needed something that wouldn't break the bank, but spoiled as I have become, had to sound somewhat neutral with sky's the limit highs while being smooth, detailed mids, and articulate tight bass with presence and control but not overkill. Afraid I was asking too much I ran back to Etymotic and found their MC3 at BB for $99. They sounded quite good, but simply weren't as open as I needed, highs hit the ceiling a little quick, and I'm not a bass head, but where's the bass?
I then remembered they had ONE other Etymotic in their island of earbud misfits-the Etymotic hf3. Unfamiliar I did my homework. I was hooked-a sound signature true to their
ER4-P??!! But then I noticed the truly spectacular, the internet was telling me they sell for $180. Silly internet BB told me they're $98. Wait a second. . .
Of course the store I had eyed what I thought were lesser Ety's to my chosen mc3's (WRONG) Was now fresh out and would not be restocking them. After swallowing what tasted like battery acid, and stemming the oncoming onslaught of self depricating expletives screaming towards my lips, he had productively searched the Dallas metroplex and found a few at other stores. It was only when I traded them out did I notice the intricate device protecting the hf, absent on the mc-"Oh dude, i mean sir, these are like $200."
"So you've listened to them, its always refreshing to meet a fellow audiophile!"
"Oh no, never heard em-i a Beats guy man. . ."
I quickly grabbed my hidden gems, and retreated to solitude. Their sound, beautiful. Almost identical to the ER4-P. Top shelf highs, magnificent smooth mids, and a rich abundant bass exhibiting extension, control, depth, and blissful nuance. They are neutral, highly musical, detailed, accurate, fast, and top form Etymotic through and through.
Sooooo basically, while they last, BB has the truly amazing Etymotic hf3 in Cobalt for a STAGGERING $98!!! Just thought I'd pass that along. (Once they're sold out they aren't re-stocking-after all BB can have but one $200 IEM, and Bowers & Wilkins would tremble in the Ety's shadow wink.gif ) Happy Holidays & Happy Listening
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I meant to point out the hf3 are more than adequately driven by my Atrix2 at 16ohms, and their 105db sensitivity, and 42db of noise isolation keep my volume bar only slightly raised above half my Atrix' full output.
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Amazon also had the cobalt HF3 for sale at $99 a few weeks ago, actually.

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Amazon has them back up around $150 now. I did some other searches, couldn't find them cheaper. Side note-i wonder if the 75 ohm cable they sell for the ER4-P would work with the hf3 as well. . . I love finding new avenues regarding headphones to explore. . .
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Well the hf3 are the same as hf5 with a mic right? 


Because the hf5 are sold for 93$ at j&r (cobalt version). 

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Next step: Custom ACS Tips using the discount coupon they offer. I absolutely love my Ety HF3 with the ACS tips.

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Poak, you're absolutely right. I'm old school with my Ety knowledge. The hf3 is designed for Apple use, the hf2 for Windows and Android. The hf5 is devoid of any in line controls. In all honesty, I would now prefer the hf5 over my 3. One reason being I don't like the new trend of placing remote controls on your phones cord-i a purist haha. The main reason, however, is that I feel the remote adds a level of resistance. I'm not positive it does, but the thought that its possible is irritating. Oh yeah and the fact that I have an android so I have a useless remote creating possible added resistance to boot. Regardless 2,3,5 they are truly remarkable, and worth far more than I paid. Thank you for pointing that out Poak-but now I want the 5's >frown.gif haha!
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