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Headphones for under $80

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I am unsure of what I want, Open or closed. I will be using it roughly for 70% gaming, 30% music. I want good quality so I can hear shooting locations/footsteps, and I don't really want the sound to leak because I want to listen at work and stuff without disturbing people. I also like listening to electronic music (dubstep etc.) so I kind of like bass but not too overwhelming.
If you have a suggestion, could you please tell me why you recommend it?



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im not an expert,but from what i know there is not much choise as a good headphone under that price -consigering "good" as high fidelity range-  but a lot of low-medium  -  medium quality within your target,the only one,historical success is the grado rs60i IMHO but is a open headphone,so,then you cant  buy it because of your job,but with a little patience and a little more research you can find the hp that fit for you.

between the three you mentioned i would choose the mh310.


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What would be some better headphones with higher quality, I probably can spend some more. Also, how does sound quality compare in closed vs open?

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check out the FOSTER T50RP....at amazon. sometimes its sold at 80bucks...sometimes 100.

then u can mode it if u wish, or listen to it as it is...quite good for the $$$.



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There are several in the $65-$100 range that might suit your needs.  Creative Aurvana Live


Sony MDR V6  These are monitor headphones, and may not be as "fun" sounding as some others, but a well respected set and very durable.


AKG 240 Studio (semi open, but doesn't leak a great deal at normal volumes)


Koss DJ100

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Creative Aurvana Live - $60 on Amazon . GOGOGO
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ATH AD700 should be nice for gaming and music but their bass very little. You can try Sony V6 too, it's very detail

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Originally Posted by Sneerz View Post

What would be some better headphones with higher quality, I probably can spend some more. Also, how does sound quality compare in closed vs open?


well,higher quality headphones will be...better!or at least on all factors that make the difference between headphones with different quality/price,so,

as general sound quality,soundstage,clarity,instrumental separations etcetera....

the main difference between open/closed cans is basically that with open cans people around you will hear your music aswell,but generally are better because transparency,transmitting you the more neutral sound,as you where in the studio or in the concert with the musician ,to be superficial,

otherwise closed can isolate sound from both side,give you a more muddy,closes-hall/club sound and resonance,recommended for more for music with bass enphasys.....

hope helped with my limited experience/english grammar...

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Superlux hd668b / Samson SR850 might do but they can leak a bit (depends on the volume you like, for me they do not leak at all)

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A few questions:

1. How much would the Samsons leak, and how would the quality compare to the CAD's

2. How would "monitor" headphones differ from the other?


Also, I don't think I want to get the creative live because it has two cords coming out of it and it may get damaged or something.

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Could anyone provide some info please?

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1. How much would the Samsons leak, and how would the quality compare to the CAD's



Depending on how loud you listen to your music, people around you could hear nothing, a little noise, or a tinny, quiet version of your music. Not sure about quality compared to CADs. 




2. How would "monitor" headphones differ from the other?

Monitor headphones usually have a flatter response so the producer can hear how it truly sounds. They also are closed, and offer pretty good isolation. 



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For gaming, included, which would be better? By the way, since the CAD's are just rebranded  of the same type but just closed, would the quality be that much different?

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I'm not sure as I haven't seen anything about the CADs and don't have much experience with the Samsons. I think the fact that the CADs are closed back it might give them a bit more/boomier bass, though I'm not sure.

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I have some Sennheiser HD428's and find them to be a very nice value at $45 on Amazon. You can even get the HD448's at $69. Haven't tried them, but I'm sure they're very nice

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