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The lriver2 Revisited

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Well I've had the lriver2 for a Couple of months now and I have to say that I'm getting more and more impressed with this machine. For those who don't know the lriver2 is a portable CD player Which can play both conventional audio CD's and discs recorded with MP3's from Your PC.

What really makes this player stand out' from the Others is the sheer number of features available and the output volume it 's capable of delivering.


The large LCD display shows track name, album name, playing time, bit-rate, battery life remaining, playing mode and so on. Much of this information is repeated on the in-line remote control (which is really cool). The output of the lriver2 is rated at 12 mw and it certainly appears to play louder than the latest batch of players from Sony and Panasonic. The volume control is digital and can be controlled by either the player or the remote.

One of the things which set this player apart from the competition is its ability to work wth playlists created with Winamp on the PC. Even neater is that you can have as many playlists as you like as long as each one has a unique name. This way you can have the original album track order as well as several personal playlists for whatever mood you're in.

Sound Quality

Well this is what its all about and I have to say that the sound quality of the lriver2 is not up to the standard of the Sony D-915 or Panasonic 570 players. The main differences are the silence of the electronics And the improved anti-skip protection. In many Ways the difference is not that great though and the lriver2 is still very enjoyable to listen to.

When used in conjunction with the Airhead portable headphone amp and the Etymotic ER4S headphones almost all the problems with the lriver2 disappear. The hiss is gone and the player exhibits the same dynamics as the other players mentioned.

I really rate this player. The only problems I have with it is the anti-skip could be better. When strapped to my belt I have to occasionally wait a couple of seconds before continuing walking to let the machine 'catch up'. Generally I use my wonderful Sony MD-R900 MD recorder for most portable occasions and the CD-based players for more static listening.

In some ways I actually enjoy listening to music through the 888's more than the Ety's when using the Iriver2. I don't know if this is because they can mask the lesser quality of MP3's or whether they just match the player better.
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Thanks for the post. If I am not mistaken, the Iriver 2 is roughly equivalent to the Rio Volt SP250. I just bought an SP250 to possibly replace my SP90. Here are some initial impressions:

* The remote with the Sp250 doesn't have an LCD. Not a fatal flaw, but kind of annoying.

* The backlit LCD is much nicer than the non-backlit LCD of the Sp90. Plus, no stupid dancing figures.

* The build quality is almost identical to the Sp90. Disappointing but it seems sufficient. However, the black surface shows up figerprints like you wouldn't believe.

* Sound quality is good. I have only listened to it in noisy environments however, so I'll post more detailed thoughts and comparisons later.

* It comes with an AC adaptor and NiMH rechargeables. Unfortunately, you can only recharge if the unit is plugged in. I was really hoping for an external charger, so I could charge batteries for my other electronics as well.

* I haven't tried wearing the carrying case yet. However, it seems OK and, of course, it is custom to the unit: (e.g., there are openings for the headphones.
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