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So i have around 81 hours on them. I have also change the acoustic filter on them. From red 2200ohm Sonion filter to the Knowles 1500ohm green. But the filter refuse to go in. Which i need to force it in. The problem is if i force it to blend into the housing. I would probably cannot take out the filter. So i just put it like half way in.

in 2200ohm it sound very bassy imo. But not overly. Just tat it is also pretty much track dependent. After having change to the 1500ohm, the high seems more prominent. Sound better imo. As the saxophone and instrument sound more energetic . I have also tried with the 3300ohm orange and 330ohm grey. In the 3300ohm bass is overly muffle. It cover up the mid range too much.
As for the 330ohm it sound very life like. But on high pitch it does have sibilant. Bass is like reduce by 60% by using the 330ohm filter.

So far I'm still liking this iem. Just that the cable really get in my way sometimes. How do i make them flat without being so prone to tangle?

Interesting, I never got to play around with the filters. I like them very much with the stock already but the 1500ohm looks like something I need to try.


Yes the cable can be problematic sometimes and IMHO the best way to work around it is taking care to wrap the cable neatly when storing. This tends to avoid any irritating tangles.

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The upgrade is pretty much noticeable if you go lower. I won't advice u go higher. It sound so muffle up. As if someone is clogging a sponge on your favorite artist while she is singing.
I have not try 680ohm and 1000ohm. Which I was pretty lazy that day as the 680 is in my CK100PRO. But the 100ohm is that i forgot to buy as i only thought they have 2.11mm diameter.

You should try it. But I must warn you that. Don't fully insert the whole thing as it was so tight it would come out. Just insert it half way in so is easier to change it next time. :D

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