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Originally Posted by Hank_Venture View Post

I'm in the same boat, but only my left side stopped working. Switched to my backups (My old SE530s) but man I miss my TDK's right now. I'm over a year in the warranty and waiting for their support to get back to me. Hope we can both get ours fixed. Don't know if you need to mention that though. 


Anyone have experience dealing with TDK and their repair/replacement department? 

Not sure if you figured this out by now but I was in the same boat. My right side stopped working a few weeks ago, and of course after purchasing new IEMs I just came across a thread here on the extension cables going out. Sure enough when i pulled off the extension and plugged the cord straight into my comp the right side works fine. You may try this if you haven't already. 

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Hi Guys 


I have a Westone UM3x. How does compare to the Ba200?

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I got to try these after doing research for IEMs as I needed something for the iPad / iPhone and my jolly goodness, it's like they were meant for each other. I'm really impressed. Tight bass, punchy warmish mids, and also really decent soundstage, clarity and treble for IEMs at this price. A very immersive experience overall. I'm surprised these aren't talked more around here.

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A bit late with these replies lol, but oh well:

Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

Isn't it true that the housing has no effect on a BA's sound quality? The whole purpose of a BA driver, as I understand it, is to absolutely tune and control the sound. Just think of how similar sounding all the dual BA models out there are.

Most of the dual models use the same drivers, the TWFK or some variation of it, which would explain the similarity.

Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

I too, am a BA200 owner who recently ordered some Tenores. Can't wait to receive them and report back biggrin.gif

What did you think?
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Tenores are a great set. I don't think any BA200 owner would be disappointed. Not at all a hype train IEM like the Xiaomi Piston, which I dislike.


I forget...are the BA200 especially easy to drive? The Tenore on the other hand are the hardest to drive of the IEMs I own.


I might follow this up by getting the KC06 :D

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The BA200 are a bit easier to drive than the Tenore.

The new Aurisonics Rockets are actually a bit harder to drive than the Tenore blink.gif
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Just sharing my findings.


I've found a way to increase the music separation and soundstage significantly for this IEM, although I'm not really sure how it sounds to you guys' ears. It may sounds a bit too echoed for you guys but it is what I prefered, maybe you guys can alter a bit from the setting I used and try to find out what would be the ideal result.

I'm not quite sure on bass part since it is the one that I have the least concern.

Equalizer was not used.

I'm using an Android so, yeah. It doesn't need any flashing / rooting or whatnot though.


You'll need to download and install ;

1) Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO 


2) Noozy Studio 3


[It is not longer available in Google Play since its interface resemble Zune Player].


Next, set up the setting as below (ignore the dts icon though, it is disabled) ;


Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO





Noozy Studio 3



Hope it helps!

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thank for sharing Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO


but I prefer Poweramp direct to BA200

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My right BA200 got muted while working out. After 48 hours it remained the same hence i decided to take out the non detachable filter and to my dismay it's a flimsy piece of plastic with a paper. A far cry from the Shure SE530 filter that i have used to replace the clogged 'filter' of the BA200. Everything is up and running again.

Too bad i gave away the other spare SE530 filter of mine since it would be grear to replace the other tdk filter.

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