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For Sale: FS: HOK-2 Orthodynamic Headphones

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For Sale:
FS: HOK-2 Orthodynamic Headphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A set of Eastern German orthodynamic headphones, the HOK 80-2. They are in pretty good condition, especially considering their age, and include the original packaging and certificate of originality. According to the previous owner, they have hardly ever been used.

I will also add a DIN-adapter, which is not that easy to find even in Germany, but probably a lot more difficult in the rest of the world.

See the relevant page on Wikiphonia for a short description, or search for the many references to this baby in the huge Orthodynamic Head-Fi thread here. A brief overview of the most prominent ortho's, in which the HOK is mentioned can be found here.

The headphones are in good working order and have not yet been modified as per the suggestions in the ortho-thread, but they already sound pretty good as is, something which is confirmed by other HOK owners.

After having tried some ortho's, I have found that either they are just not my cup of tea, or my tube amp is just not able to do them justice. They do have an ultra-smooth and superb midrange, but in my setup I just prefer the oompf of my dynamic cans.

Also because I'm forced to move to a more mobile setup with even less power in the amp due to extended stays abroad, I have now decided to sell my ortho's. The original earpads are included and as can be seen on the pictures, look still pretty good, but they have ripped at the inner seam, a frequently occurring phenomenon for this model. They can still be used that way, although it doesn't look so nice. The buyer may want to find some alternative pads.

This is my fifth sale on Head-Fi, so I haven't gotten many reviews yet, but I've been part of this community already for a few year and this is my small feedback thread on Head-Fi.

If you're in Europe (that is the EU, so not Switzerland) I would like to get Sold for them. This includes shipping, but you'll have to transfer the money via IBAN and BIC.

If you're anywhere else in the world, I'd like to get Sold, which includes basic shipping and Paypal fees.

Some pictures:

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