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Dec 2011 Giveaway - Klipsch X10, ZX700, Aurvana Live, & A151

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12/15 update: giveaway now closed, winners were posted here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/584102/dec-2011-giveaway-klipsch-x10-zx700-aurvana-live-a151/60#post_7972645


I thought I was done with giveaways on Head-Fi but something recently compelled me to organize yet another one, so here I am with yet another installment! In a literally unprecedented move, this particular giveaway is for all the newbies/newcomers to Head-Fi - this is the first giveaway I'm opening to new Head-Fiers with 0 post counts and join dates of this month (December 2011). In fact, because this giveaway is specifically for newbies, I've reversed the usual restrictions on who can enter - see below!


This may not be the last giveaway I do on Head-Fi; there's a chance for another in January 2012!


This giveaway is also timed for the upcoming holidays - so Happy Holidays to all and a Happy New Year! smile.gif


There are 5 prizes in this giveaway! 1 prize per person among 5 winners!

1 - Klipsch X10 IEMs

My personal Klipsch X10 IEMs which I bought back in 2007. The strain relief at the earpieces has since splayed a little bit but this is a common issue with the X10 and doesn't affect operation. Most of the original materials are included - except for 1 set of bi-flange tips that I'm keeping.


(Note: for those who are aware of my recent raffle for the 2011 Horn of Africa Drought, I ended up purchasing a new set of X10s for the raffle winner of the X10, instead of sending mine.)

2 - Sony MDR-ZX700 portable closed headphones

Also a set of headphones that I bought to try for myself, but much more recently than the X10 - I bought these headphones after reading Jude's Head-Fi 2011 Holiday Gift Guide and after trying them they're not really for me. All original materials included!

3 - Creative Labs Aurvana Live portable closed headphones

I bought these as well, after reading Jude's Head-Fi Holiday Gift Guide. These aren't really for me either, so away they go! I actually bought two of these; the one I'm giving up for this giveaway is the 2nd one that I didn't even open, so the winner will be getting a new unopened box!

4 & 5 - MEElectronics A151 balanced-armature earphones (2x)

I bought two of these earphones specifically for this giveaway. One of them has been opened (I wanted to listen & check it out), the other has not.


Who Can Enter?
This giveaway is open to all Head-Fiers, with no minimum restrictions! 0 post counts and join dates of December 2011 are allowed!


International Head-Fiers allowed too, but only those from the following countries/continents:

+ Australia & New Zealand

+ Canada

+ Europe (including UK)


No Head-Fiers from any other areas of the world please.



- Head-Fiers with post counts of 1,500 or more will be instantly disqualified if trying to enter.

- Likewise, Head-Fiers with lengthy lists of equipment in their profiles and/or signatures will also be instantly disqualified if trying to enter.

- Not open to MOTs (Members of the Trade).


The point of this giveaway is to award headphones/earphones to people who don't already own a decent headphone or anything beyond practical Apple iBud level.


How To Enter:
Post a reply to this thread with the following info in your post:

(1) The prize you'd like to win

(2) Your country of residence (pertaining to Europeans especially, as Europe is not a country)

How This Will Work:
Only qualified people may enter (as described above) until 11:59 PM MST on December 14th.

All 5 winners will not necessarily be determined via a Random Number Generator - I will instead be reserving the right to subjectively pick the winners based on my own personal criteria. I may still use a Random Number Generator or I might not - it depends on what I end up wanting to do.


I will contact the winners via PM when the giveaway closes (at the above time), and they will have 24 hours to respond with their mailing address. If I don't get a reply within that timeframe, new winner(s) will be selected.


Prizes will ship promptly upon confirmation via PM but will not necessarily ship to arrive in time for Christmas (i.e., by 12/23). International shipments may end up arriving afterwards or even later in Jan 2012.

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I would love the ZX700, although my headphone list is maybe a little long for this giveaway biggrin.gif. Good luck to the newbs!!!!


 edit: errr just in case, Im in america 

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Put me in for the Sony MDR-ZX700's.


Oh, and I live in the US.

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Wouldnt mind the Sony MDR-ZX700s, however i think the CAL!s are a bit more for me. So yeah, Creative Aurvana Live! ftw. Im in Americas/USA. 

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Any of them would be awesome. (especially zx700)

New Zealand. Thanks!

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Kirosia would like the one that would bring him the most ladies


EDIT: It seems Kirosia is disqualified due to post count.

Edited by Kirosia - 12/7/11 at 1:42pm
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Put me in for a Klipsch X10, I am from Europe.

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Put me in for the CAL!s. The best headphones I've had the opportunity to listen to are Beats... which should show how pathetic my sound situation is. biggrin.gif

I live in the 'States.
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Put me down for the X10s.


Located in the US.


Thanks for doing these raffles and giveaways Asr!

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Why not. I'll shoot for Klipsch. Was going to try to buy some IEMs this holiday season anyways. United States.


At any rate, Happy Holidays folks. smile_phones.gif

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The things I would do for the Klipsh x10's! i have a pair of fake (accident) Sony MDR7506 which sound HORRIBLE and did have a pair of in-ear premium Zune headphones for use with my Zune HD but I lost them a couple weeks ago. I'm located the the U.S.  Thanks for doing these give-aways by the way! Much appreciated. 

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I'd love to take a shot at the X10's. I would love to be an audiophile, but being a poor college student kinda restricts that :[

Thanks for doing this giveaway :D

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No love for Supremus? Dats racist, bro. 


Seriously though, good luck guys. Happy holidays. 

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Creative Labs Aurvana Live! 
for me, from Canada

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I just added a 5th prize to sweeten out the stash, a 2nd MEElec A151.


Kinda surprised there aren't more entries, I thought there'd be a lot more people who want free stuff....

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