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Investing in a new Headphones/Headset has me stumped. Help and recommendations would seriously help me out! (read for situation)

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Hi thanks in advance for any advice you can contribute, I just cannot seem to make my mind up (like always.) Bare with me, for I hardly even know where to start this thread.

Just read through my info and what i think, correct me if im wrong. I will sum the questions up at the end as to clarify.


Heres the situation


            What I want in a pair of headphones would be: Gaming with my PS3 (either out of the optical audio output on the back of the console, from the composite on the back of my tv, or the 3.5mm jack on the front of my surround sound receiver.) Im not sure which hook up method would give me the highest quality sound, i'm sure there is a superior method of the three. I have a feeling its going to be the optic out from the ps3, but that runs into a snag because the other reason I want headphones is to watch movies and such from tv at night.


           Another questionable area for me is to go one of two routes. Go with high quality 2 speaker headphones, or something geared more towards my games (something with 7.1 or 5.1) Getting the muilti-speaker headphones would most likely hinder the sound from my movies (I think.) But would seriously give me an edge in the FPS games. If I got the traditional 2 speaker headphone I would buy a virtual surround sound processor. Which wouldn't sound as good as true surround sound for my games, but would be better for my movies (wouldn't it?)


            I can either get headphones, or a headset with a built in mic. I could live with having to find an alternative mic setup though. I REALLY want wireless cans, but all the good gaming ones I found transmit on a 2.4GHz wavelength. I have a Wireless N router that i think would interfere and make the extra cost a surround sound headset/headphones, a complete waste in money and downgrade in SQ.


            If that interference wouldn't be a problem (which I read it is) I would have the PERFECT set up for me with the Turtle Beach px5's (http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/ps3-gaming-headsets/ear-force-px5.aspx) That would provide me with the ideal connection (optical out) and the composite input to switch to for movies from my tv.


I guess what im asking is what setup route I should go, and what brand to go with. I have a 200$ limit, but could a little higher if need be.


Thanks so much for taking your time to help me, even if its the littlest comment, it could save me hours of pointless research.


And does anyone have experience with running a 2.4GHz wireless headset/headphones with a wireless N router in the house? My router is downstairs, and i would be playing upstairs literally 2-8 feet from the headphones transmitter.

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Stay away from multi-speaker headphones.  "True surround" headphones sacrifice sound quality with multiple tiny drivers.  A virtual surround processor sounds better.


This is a little over your budget, but:


If you need a mic, the Sennheiser PC360 is a great headset.  You could Pair it with an Astro Mixamp with an optical connection from the PS3.  If you get the 5.8 mixamp it's wireless (mostly), and 5.8ghz so no interference.


For the TV watching, your using a cable box?  If so, skip the RCA outs on the back of TV and get audio from optical out on the back of the cable box.  If you run the cable box optical + the PS3 optical into a Toslink splitter or switch then run an optical cable into the mixamp it should work with either the PS3 or TV. 

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And welcome to Head-fi!


Price fluctuates on the PC360, right now it is back up above $200, but earlier it had dropped to $169.  So you may have to wait for it to drop again.

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Thanks for the input, and yeah im happy i found this website :) I am obsessed with audio, in particular car audio. 


I did alot of researching, which im sick of doing (I literally had to look at 75%of all headsets on the web lol) So i made my mind up (for the moment) What do you think about this setup.


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003BYRGLI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER + the DSS by turtle beach. 


That would be a low cost solution i could just plug directly into the front of my surround sound for movie watching and such. I checked out Sennheiser caus ive heard its the go to for "audiophiles" I personally think they upped all prices, It makes you not want to drop 200$ on a pair of phones when you look in the reviews and someone got them for half that :(


Theres on issue that is just lame, I read the the DSS by TB doesnt support any microphone except ones on TB headsets. So lame.


What do you think about those things? ( i like your solution, ill check out the astro mixamp) 


One more thing, I know the drivers might not be of highest quality, but look into them. Theyre....... Innovative I guess, kind of like tri-axle(more like dual-axle I guess) But I do really care about what the phones look like, and I like the case they come with, and the "rugged" metal incorperated design. looks sick.

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While stylish, those V-modas aren't ideal or gaming.  They're bass heavy, closed, and have a smallish soundstage.  For gaming its almost always best to get an open headphone with lighter bass and a large soundstage to maximize the surround sound effect. 


And yes, the reason I don't recommend the DSS is because if doesn't support mics or chat.  If you only do single player, it's great.  But for multiplayer (Chatting) the mixamp is much better.


Check out this thread:



And the Sennheser HD558s are currently on sale for $124 shipped.  You could get these and attach a mic like this and it would come out cheaper than PC360s  -> http://www.modmic.com/



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How do you know the V-moda has a smallish soundstage?


I was going to order the v-moda with the TB DSS tonight. 


I know the end product I order is up to me, I just dont want to regret those headphones after the bling factor runs out. Another plus about them is I watched reviews where they literally bend them past flat and they snap right back. The manufacturer stated that you could bend them flat 20+ times and still regain original shape. thats kinda nuts. I am particularly hard on my electronics, and go through them alot. plus V moda gives you a VIP card that alows you to get replacement headphones for like at 50%off. which could be a factor in 5 years if they become reallly good quality phones, they are a relatively new company. 

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Hey, I would definitely opt for a traditional 2-speaker headphone. While the PC360 is a good headset, you may also want to consider a Sennheiser HD598. It is one of the best gaming/movie/all-rounder headphones around and will definitely eclipse the PC360 performance in almost every regard. If it is too expensive, you can always opt for the cheaper HD558/595/555 which also do this well. I would also recommend the well-priced Audio-Technica AD700 as a superb gaming phone, but It doesn't fare as well with movies or music IMO. Of course you don't have the mic, but you can just buy somthing like the Zalman clip-on mic to fulfill this need. Mad Lust Envy's gaming headphone guide is a great place to read on good phones for Dolby Headphone.


A pure headphone setup with a separate attached mic will definitely get you more bang for your buck. Being able to listen to movies and music without looking like an air-traffic controller is another plus. A wireless setup may seem convenient, but is not ideal as you will be paying a lot more for relatively mediocre sound quality and gaming performance.  

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hey juantendo, i think I may scratch the mainstream v moda idea. and go with the coveted sennheiser. haha any reassuring words you could give me?

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out of the HD558/595/555, which one would you say is the best?

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Originally Posted by CarAudioSkater View Post

out of the HD558/595/555, which one would you say is the best?


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Thanks, im just getting those for home. In the future the v-modas will probably be cheaper even yet. Caus i eventually want some "designer" headphones. lol. but seriously thanks. guys.

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