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MHP-839 (Kicker HP541) ear pad replacement?

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Hi, I've lurked these forums a few times, and actually ended up getting these headphones a few months back before they ran out of stock on Monoprice purely because of how awesome the reviews and experiences I read about on these forums seemed. After months of use, I've found the earpads that come with these phones are no longer as soft as they were right out of the box. In fact, they're quite hard. Though, I didn't really notice until I touched them with my hands, I still want softer pads at this point. 


My questions are

What pads would fit over these phones as snug as the original pads?

What's the most comfortable material? Is there a comfort/price ratio? I'm on a rather tight budget (Obviously, or else I wouldn't have gotten these in the first place)

I was told velour pads felt the best, could someone point me in the right direction of where I could purchase them?


Thanks for your time.

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M50 and MDR-V6 pads fit


You can also try the Pearstone Velour pads at B&H


Maybe Beyer DT-250 pads. Not sure if they fit though.

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I just ordered some of these headphones and will see if I can find some other pads to fit...  I do have a pair of Sony MDR-V6 replacement pads I can check (though they are not the velour ones).

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