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I just listened to the Cyberlink Power DVD player on my PC through my Airhead portable amplifier and my Etymotic 4P headphones and all l can say is WOW!

I know it's perhaps bordering on blasphemy to use these remarkable headphones in this manner but it really does work. In addition to the ambience the processing offers the Etys offer an incredible amount of detail which other headphones just don't seem to offer. My only real concern in using them for an application like this is that helicopters flying by and machine guns going off isn't music. Will this potentially damage them in prolonged use?

To be honest 'find that I rarely have the opportunity to wear the Ety's as much as I'd like because of telephones going off and people wanting to talk to me. This is a shame as they really are some of the best headphones out there.

Unfortunately I’m finding more and more that I simply can’t wear the Ety’s like I do other headphones – my lifestyle simply doesn’t support them. I have a wife and 3 kids and tend to only listen to headphones when either out and about or when washing the dishes and stuff. Sod’s law says that as soon as my wife takes the kids out (which is sadly very rare!), as soon as I put the Ety’s on, the fu***ng phone rings, knocks at the door, air-raid sirens, police loudhailers, ice-cream vans and death watch beetles all start up and I can’t hear anything except the music ---- on the other hand…..