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I was looking for a cheap quality setup for at the office. I am working on a engineering project floor as programmer and it is really noisy so I  use my Sennheiser HD25 II to block out the chatter around me. Or when It is not so noisy I use the Sennheiser MX980 earbuds

First I used my Sansa clip+ and RSA Hornet but the amount of music was limited and no practical interface for selecting/sorting music and it is not allowed to install personal software on the Office PC.


When I go on holyday I bring the following setup:

Old Dell D430 with J. River media center and TB Isone Crossfeed VST Plug-in

Aune X1 Headphone amp DAC

AKG K701


After searching the Net I found out that the J.River Media Center can be used in a portable setup.  I Installed MC on a USB stick and transferred the license from the D430 to the stick. On that same stick I installed the TB Isone Plug-in and 30GB of FLAC music.


Now I only need a cheap USB DAC that does not need external power (only USB Power). On Ebay I found a cheap headphone USB DAC for 45 euro (Pro USB DAC PCM 2704 / S.M.S.L USB DAC)


At the office I started the Music Center from the USB Stick but it was very sluggish… I could not get the Music folder in the Music Center without locking-up J.River MC. It’s not my office PC because it’s a HP Z800 Dual Quad Core Xeon with 48Gb RAM. So I tried dragging each separate album into J.River MC and that worked. Save, close and now all my music on the Stick is now synced  with MC. But still MC was very sluggish even in Mini view. In the options menu I turned off all sync, scan, visual styles and auto update settings. That did the trick… it’s not super fast but workable. Maybe I need to tune the options a little more but it is working for now.


Has anyone a similar setup that works from a USB sick and have Crossfeed?

I want to try different setups with different kinds of Interfaces.