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For Sale: Unico CD - Price drop

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For Sale:
Unico CD - Price drop

Will Ship To: Anywhere

My favourite cd player/DAC is up for sale.

It is 2 years old and has around 400-500 hours on its tubes; I am the second owner. Tubes are EH 12AU7 (the ones it came with).. I wanted to change them to a NOS pair but I was really happy with the stock ones so never actually did. 

Original price was 2.300e, I am letting go for less than half.


I recently took it for a service/upgrade. They told me there is nothing to be fixed except for removing some dust; the drive should be good for another 5-7 years. The cd transport is a TEAC one, which can be found as spare at ebay for 10-20euros. They also told me I should really change the tubes because they don't do the player justice but unfortunately I have to let it go so.. Happy tube-hunting for the next owner.



Item will be shipped from Greece, so Europe is prefered but if you can take the extra shipping charge I have no problem sending it anywhere in the world.

It should be around 60-75e to be shipped anywhere in Europe, insured. The player is around 12kg.

I can split shipping and paypal fees.



I'm open for a good trade; I am interested in a cheaper DAC (up to 600e used) and maybe some headphones. Tell me what you ve got and we can take it from there.


The photo is from an internet site. I will post my own in the following days.

Older feedback can be found at my signature too.



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Dropping to 1.000e.


Trade offers are welcome - especially for mid-priced DACs.

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950 and still searching for a mid-priced dac (like the minimax or an audio-gd).


Make me an offer!

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900e from 2.300e for one of the most analogue-sounding DACs ever.

Still paying half of paypal and shipping costs.


I can also give an XLO Reference 2 power cord that I use for the Unico for just 50e more.


Tubes have been recently upgraded to Philips NOS military 12au7/ecc82 and the sound is even better than it already was.


Trade offers are still welcome, especially for a good mid-priced DAC to downsize.



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