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I been surfing around here to get some information and went through list after list of recommended headset but I am still totally lost and hope that you guys can give me a hand.


Budget: < $100


Suitable for big head

Going to use in office so I can block off the endless chattering in the office so I can concentrate on my work so basically it cannot emit sound but can isolate my ears from the outside. 

I just going to use it for classical, pop and dance but I am not really very sensitive to the audio range and such so I do not need the most awesome one.

I going wear it for like 4 hours per stretch so I need something that is really comfortable and preferably not heavy so i do not feel so tired from having such a big thing on my head all the time.

In ears are a big no no I keep changing from brands to brands and still find it not suitable for extended wear.


I am not sure if such thing exists but I was looking at those that hang around the neck and look pretty light but not sure which one fulfill my requirement since I have no idea where to get any of those in Singapore so I probably just going to trust your recommendation and order online.


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