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Backup headphones

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Ok so recently in October I purchased a pair of dt 770 80 pros (very happy with them) and I was looking for a more portable sound isolating pair of cans for regular travel

I mostly listen to rap/hip hop and I enjoy neutral sound

Thanks for answers in advance
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I'm in the market for a similar thing at the moment. Some that I'm looking at are:


AKG K450

Phiaton PS230 (or a higher end Phiaton that actually has noise cancelling, if your budget allows for it)

Klipsch Image ONE

Audio Technica ETH ES55


I can't vouch for any of these, it's just that my searching has narrowed down my options for a closed portable to those. I'd be curious to see what others can say based on actual experience.

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Thanks you! I'll look into them and see which one would suit me best.
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The V_Moda M80 are highly recommended because they offers great sound quality for the price and they are very durable with good isolaion. The others closed compact headphones are like DT1350,T50p, ESW9, JVC on ear wih NC, Phiaton MS500, PS400 and B&W P5(highly recommended).
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Koss porta pro are extremely travel friendly and good for rap/hip hop... if you can live with their design

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