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Linkwitz Pluto (v.2.1) loudspeaker build - Page 2

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Some of my messing about via screen grabs...





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Urgh, sorry for the lack of updates. We have nearly all the electronics but the boards haven't yet been done as the guy doing them is very busy doing important stuff for work (engineering stuff for an Antarctic research thing which can only be carried out in a certain time frame). Hopefully I'll have something to show you all before summer's over! 

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Very interested on this topic. smily_headphones1.gif
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Hopefully I can provide some more interesting posts soon. At the moment we're twiddling our thumbs, although we've been looking at ways of making the woofer basket other than the rubber coupler and clip (which looks bad in our opinion). We're going to look at some different rigid plant pots - inspired by this thread: http://orion.quicksytes.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1608

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looks like an army of plutos

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Just experimenting with ideas for the base, which contains all the electronics/amp/crossover etc.

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Geez haven't updated this in a while!


Boxes off stuff:


Testing PVC mitre joints and how easily they cut:


CAD and other woofer basket mockups:

Preview of wood-turned baskets by Richard Findley @ TheTurnersWorkshop.co.uk



Piece by piece...

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Very pleased with the quality of the turned basket units. Just have to make sure the rest of the speaker is as good!

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Got some of the electronics soldered...

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Just found your build looks good and I hope you have completed it,  Just starting mine and looking for all the hints I can find

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Lots of interesting photos.


'Pluto Photo Gallery'



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Hi, beautiful work there! 'Love the turned wooden adapters.


How is your build going? I take the liberty of asking since I'm about to start my own, and am happily taking in admonitions and suggestions from others who have gone through this already.




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Amazingly, we haven't got much further since the last update - the guy doing the electronics only has a few things left to do but as he hasn't done them (still) we're kind of stuck. That said, I've decided to press ahead with the base units. I've sourced some sapele board which should be adequte, and some wooden dowels, as we're copying this guy's design:



Ours will have a matching basket to base though. I hope to have the bases finished within a few weeks. Once that's done, we're going to press on with the pipes and tweeter, as well as the stuffing... essentially making as much of the physical thing as possible so we can just add the electronics (whenever they get done), test it and then enjoy... it's taken an unbelievable amount of time but x3 lazy people not living in close proximity = delays all over the place.

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Oh yeah and the boards look like this now:


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Hopefully this is completed by now.....


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