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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 or V-MODA Crossfade LP2

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Firstly I'd like to say this is my first post on this forum. I've been in the market for a pair of headphones and this website popped up over and over again. I got drawn in after some really well written reviews and the like.


I was interested by the M-80 and after it getting a really good review from a lot of members not just on here but on Amazon and the like it made me wonder whether i should get those but then i heard that the LP was pretty poor sound wise but had a good Bass section (I should say this now, i have no idea about music or the science of it but i definitely want a good set of cans). however many said it was poor in the mids and highs.  Then i heard about the LP2 and was wondering which one i should choose.


It will be one or the other as I'm a fan of the V Moda design and build quality and need clarification on the best headphones for my situation. I should say that i like a lot of music taste mostly EDM such as Trance, Drum And Bass, Dubstep, Ambient, Hardstyle and the likes, however i do like my movie soundtracks, my Classical music and everything in between apart from Pop and Rock. So you could call me a bass head, i don't know :P


If you have any more questions, please go ahead.


P.S I think i prefer a full size set but i don't know how annoying a full set is like on the move as i've never really had one.

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There is no comparison between the M80 / V80 Crossfade vs the LP.  The M80 is an amazing headphone for the price and for me are the best headphones for the $250 and under category.  The LP2 has one of the worst sounding signatures I have heard in a headphone to date being muddy, fuzzy, and drab.  The M80 does rest on the ear, but remain extremely comfortable.  I am a stickler for comfort and will not wear a pair of headphones based on any major discomfort.


The M80 is clear, has impactful bass, fits extremely well, built like a tank, and look awesome.  The only major problem with the M80 is that there is an audible crackle that can be heard when fiddling with the in-line controls, but V-Moda should be working that out.


The M80 is simply awesome!

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The LP2s are more of an overpowering bass phone, and really do disappoint in the mids and highs, but they're really comfortable (I have an above-average sized head, so some phones do get tight on me). I really want to try the M80s, but I'm a much bigger fan of over-ear designs as opposed to on-ear, so I hope V-Moda makes a new version of the M80 in the near future. I'm a big fan of the looks, and the build quality feels superb. 


As for the feeling of over-ear headphones, you definitely don't want to run with them on, because once they go slightly loose they can come off very easily. Some people might find them noticeably heavy, but it's not a big gripe with me. The V-Modas aren't too heavy in comparison to other phones anyway. Besides that, I usually take them off every 30 minutes to an hour, just to air out and get rid of any sweat or heat buildup, which is pretty much unavoidable with cans.

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Thanks for the comments. @Na Blur I heard similar stories about he LP (the original) but i got the feeling these had been sorted out and the sound was much improved in the LP2, are you saying this isn't the case? If the M-80s are so superior then i might have to choose sound over preference of size, because both are comfortable by the LP2 being the bigger headphone is always going to be more comfortable.


@Rick Thanks for the help, i definitely won't be running in these headphones but how are they why travelling ( buses, trains, walking)?

From all the reviews on the M80's and LP2's the one thing i get is the brilliant build quality and superb comfort.


Anyone else had experience of one or the other?

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@NA Blur: Have you actually heard the M/V80s and the LP2s side by side? There are no V Moda cans in your profile at all. Anyways, if you have heard both of them, how do you think the LP2s do against the ATH M50s? Personally i have compared the original LP and the LP2s and find that the LP2s offer quite an improvement.


@OP: Personally i would find a store with a good return policy, buy both and return the one you don't like, while the M80s are good do note that it is on-ear and sound is quite dependent on fit, which may or may not work for you. IIRC in the LP2 thread there are some that are quite happy with using the LP2s as portables.

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If my opinion means anything to you, I listen to EDM, dubstep, techno, drum and bass, glitch, electro. . .(you know the like) and I will purchasing the LP2 very shortly here. I'm no audiophile, but I have been researching for a set of new cans to replace my senn hd428 as they have a shorting cord, and I think the LP2 will be perfect for my needs. I am a bass head by every definition. I am willing to sacrifice a little treble and mid for superior bass. I also took into account the fact that they are over ear and very durable. I will get come back here with my post purchase opinion. 

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Thanks for your input even though it's superflous as i have already gone ahead and bought the Lp2's for Christmas. I can't wait!!

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:3 be sure to tell us what you think

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I was comparing both the other day. From what I've read around here the LP and LP2 are more appropiate for bassheads than the M80, which seems to have earned some respect in this community. How long will it take for them to drop to around 100 bucks like the LP did? I'm really interested :D

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Probably when the M100s come out.

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My girlfriend got me the lp2's for Xmas and I love these headphones!!!! I'm a big basshead and the lp2 defanitley satisfy my bass needs!!i listen to dubstep,drum n bass,house,hip hop and death metal...weather it's bloodbath,messy marv or skream they all sound amazing on these in my opinion

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Sir you have my respect.

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