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What are your favourite test track.

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Hello, I am not a true audiophile yet, maybe at half of the half way. I cannot hear the difference between ksc75 and a random earbud. What I can hear is instruments, or the lack of them. I never noticed the low guitar in middle solo of "Dance of Death", neither I felt the frog like bass of the sabbath's "Paranoid". The bells of Turtles' "Last Laugh" was really more alive.


So these bunch of some become my test kit, these are the sounds that I listen to grade sound quality before buying. Most you don't need them, but does any of you know any good tracks for testing, something make difference more audible.

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thanks, anybody else have any good tracks to share?

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Riviera Paradise & Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughn

Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group

Bassgasm by Techmaster PEB

Crush by Pendulum

Con Te Partiro (Preferably a solo recording) by Andrea Bocelli

Sakura Drops by Utada Hikaru

Sunhammer by Noisia & Amon Tobin

Pinball Wizard by The Who


There's a few of my favorites.

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 Kevin Eubanks from 'Promise of Tomorrow' - Angel with the blues


 Very high quality electric funk guitar mastering 

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This Youtube video has much, much poorer audio quality than the CD I use. The CD "In the Heart of the Moon" has a ton of good tracks for testing.

Too much bass or a headphone that is too warm and the entire CD is ruined. Best I've heard this CD was on the Audio Technica ATH-AD2000. Nothing has really come close yet. Maybe the Q701.

The science guys will love this one..but with this CD it's easy to hear a difference between interconnect cables (cheap Mogami/Canare etc) with a good DAC and headphone.


I actually used this CD for comparing amps with my HD-650 long ago. It works!


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