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Few quick questions :)

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Hey! Been lurking around the forums for a while but have only recently got in to posting.


I brought some NE6's about two years ago and have had the left side die on me. Currently am looking for some IEMs to replace them.


Currently looking at DUNU DN-12's or Brainwavz M1/Pro Alpha. Most companies have real expensive shipping to New Zealand which makes the headphones not be all that great bang for buck anymore.


Current stores looking at are "" / ""  / "" as they have free shipping. What are your guys thoughts on the IEMs and the stores? Thanks in advance!!

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Leaning towards and the DUNU Trident.

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I've bought from Mp4nation before, good service, fast shipping.

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If buying Brainwavz then might as well order it from MP4Nation, the manufacturer of the same.

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Completely didn't see that MP4Nation stocked the DUNU. Buying off them.

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+1 for

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Not really sure if this is the right place for this but do you have some feedback for the website

I ordered a pair of ECCI PR200 but could not get any answer from the seller...



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