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For Sale: AKG K1000 for sale  

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For Sale:
AKG K1000 for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I m selling my K 1000s.


What? Why?


Because I have yet another hobby which is winning at the moment. It s costly though so a lot of my items must go.



This is a collectors item. It s NOT NOS. But it has been in good hands and is kept in a very good shape. The box and manual as well.


I m guessing it s "bass heavy", since its serial is below 5000 and it comes with a black box.


For all you europeans I ask 1000 euros plus assured shipping (40 euros?) and for all you americans I ask 1340 dollars plus assured shipping. Offcourse, If ever there is talk about customs or other charges, that would be at your expense. The item is in France, as am I offcourse (without for that reason being french. Not that there is anything wrong with being french. Not so much anyway).


Oh, if you re somewhere else we ll think of something. I ll go get a qoute from the postoffice soon to be able to tell you exactly the shipping costs.


I can send you a video by mail.


Tell me what you think,



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Please check PM.

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Still on sale or already sold. Please reply to me. THX.

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You too!

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Sorry people, I have not had time lately. The phones are paxed by a guy. If ever it does not turn out as a sale I will let you know. Thank you.

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They never sold last time, so if someone is interested. This is my ebay profile:


Mine are not unopened though :)

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So are you gonna to post it on ebay soon?

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I probably will yes, but I'd rather sell it here since ebay and Paypal will have quite a large bite of the sale. But if you only accept ebay just hold on a while and I'll put it up there.





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I have had some offers, and thank you for your interest. The price, 1350 dollars is firm however. Still up for grabs guys,



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