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For Sale: FS: Audio Technica AD2000

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For Sale:
FS: Audio Technica AD2000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of AD2000s for sale which I bought from another member ( the link is in my feedback). Condition is very good, but they could do with new earpads as, having been taken on and off quite a few times and having the "tube mod" (where plastic tubing is put under them to push the ears further from the drivers), the material has become a bit stretched.  If someone wants new earpads I can order a pair for around $40 extra (they are 3000 or so yen IIRC).


I've put the price in $AUD here as I'll be in Australia at Xmas and can mail them from there in early January if any Australians want to take them and save on shipping (and Paypal fees if you can pick them up in Sydney and/or DD me the funds there instead).


Otherwise, shipping and Paypal fees will be extra, at a guess bringing the total to around $420 to most places.


I'll add pictures later if required and go over them with the proverbial fine tooth comb to see if there are any scratches but I don't recall anything.

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