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For Sale: Audioengine A5

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audioengine A5

Will Ship To: USA

Selling a pair of white Audioengine A5 speakers:

- excellent physical condition

- works perfectly

- includes speakers, power cable, speaker wire

- will be shipped with original speaker box and outer shipping box for maximum protection



- shipping included to USA (speaker will be packed carefully)

- $old by paypal gift, or buyer to add 3% for non-gift


Note: picture is a stock photo




Edit 12/04/11: added details

Edit 12/09/11: price drop

Edit 01/02/12: sold

Edited by megamagic - 1/2/12 at 10:46pm
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assuming the A5s are white, correct?

still under 3-year warranty?

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Yes, these are white =)

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payment sent. :)

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package received and all in working order.


fyi: did NOT include speaker wire but its cool.

btw did you buy this refurbrished or just got it back after sending it in to audioengine?

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I'm pretty sure the speaker wire and some other accessories were in a gray audioengine cloth bag at the bottom. Check the bottom of the package/foam under the A5's again. This was open box when I bought it, but still backed by 3 year warranty.


I'll check the room for speaker wire again and update you if I find it- it was on the table the other day but is gone now.

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definitely not my friend.

i have the 2 speakers, 3 cloth bags, setup guide, cable extensions + rca adapter, two 1/8 interconnect (short and long) and a usb extension. 


not a big deal because now i get to get some speaker wires :) 

but on the downside, i only get to listen to one speaker :(

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So I searched the whole room and did find them!


I'll contact you with further details via pm to get the cable to you asap and provide some reimbursement.

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great response and service :)

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