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Your recommendations for my Headphones! First buy ever < 220$ USD

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Hey Head-Fi community! Was browsing around for some good suggestions for headphones and I stumbled upon this site. This community seems to excel at providing in-depth and excellent recommendations for headphones so I'll give it a whirl! Thanks in advance.

My price range is from 50-220$ USD. The kinds of music that I listen to are VERY diverse. I highly enjoy D&B, House, and Mainstream Music (De Rulo, Taio Cruz, Adele, etc.) but also enjoy mainstream Hip-hop & Rap (Kudi, Wiz, Lupe Fiasco). Comfort and aesthetics are very important as well as crystal clear sound. Also would prefer if it was portable as I'll be carrying it around alot.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was going to get Beats since they look fantastic and are very popular but it seems that around these forums they are not highly regarded in a good manner so I decided against it.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Preferably, can you ensure that I can buy it off popular stores such as Future Shop, Best Buy, etc. because I don't have a credit card and can only deal with cash atm. 

Thanks again everyone.



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Someone recommended V-Moda 80. looked into it but they dont sell it mainstream yet. Any ideas when it will be? If not, any other suggestions? Live in Montreal , Canada btw if that helps!

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Go with the DJ1s man. There amazing and perfect for your taste - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/434785-REG/Ultrasone_DJ_1_DJ1_Dynamic_Stereo_DJ.html


Also the HFI 580are the EXACT same as the DJ1s, just a different look. Way cheaper though, you should get them if you dont care about looks as much. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/547239-REG/Ultrasone_HFI_580_HFI_580_Closed_Back_Stereo_Headphones.html

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X2 on the 580's. 

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I looked around online for the recommended on stores downtown in Montreal but could not find any. Anyone know some mainstream or more popular brands? I know i'm limiting myself but I don't really have a choice. And very sorry for the inconvenience i'm causing, I know you guys just want to recommend the best possible headphones and im making that a little problem haha..

Any more popular suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Also, anyone know when the V80 Moda is out in stores? 

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There isnt going to be many downtown, you can't order then online?

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Unfortunately not, I'm only 17 and don't have a credit card. I have a job though which is why I have the cash. There aren't ANY good headphones for < 220$ ? Are all the popular brands bad ? (bose, beats, skullcandy) 

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Everyone here is going to down the "Popular" brands, if those are your ONLY option, I'd go with the Skullcandy Aviators, I've never heard them personally, but I've heard decent things.

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Well It shouldn't be that limited. There's a store called Layton Audio downtown that supposedly holds good quality headphones from great brands ie. Sennheiser, Grado, Paradigm, Denon, etc. Any ideas?

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I breifly listened to the Skullcandy Aviators (BestBuy), and did contemplate on purchasing them also. Imo most retail stores are going to priced higher than any major online retailer. You would have so much more better options as you already know. One good thing about best buy is that if you don't like it you can return it within 30days. Another option if you would consider, i think amazon gift cards can be purchased in many places which you could pick out some headphones online and use gift cards to purchase. I just think you'd get your moneys worth online. It's definitely hard to say which headphones you'd like, if there is shop where you can demo the phones, i'd go and do that. The brands you listed in the last reply are great brands but it doesn't mean you'd like them. Some may need burn-in or even amplification to get to your liking. Good Luck.



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If you find one you like, check out the price online. You might be surprised how much some of the shops markup can be compared to online.

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Thanks for the tips but unfortunately Amazon generally does not ship to Canada.. :(
I guess I'll just wait till the V80s hit the mainstream stores. 

In the meantime what are your thoughts on this headphone?
ennheiser Hd598

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I haven't listened to them personally but being these would be your first headphones, more than likely you'd love them. Assuming you are just entering the world of quality sound that is. Just enjoy the headphones/music, you can't go wrong with those IMO.



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