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Don't forget you have Rockbox for Hifiman now... although this doesn't change the fact the battery life sucks and you need to buy expensive spare batteries for it (the 801 anyway) if you want all-day use.


If this is good (and the Sabre DAC is very en vogue atm), then people will buy it. This is Head-Fi after all. There were plenty of people putting down big money for the JH3A, HM-801s and buying additional amp modules, iPod/CLAS/amp or iPod/HP-P1 setups, all of which are big money. If it's in the $800-1000 bracket then it's priced competitively with those kind of rigs, and I'd still be interested as long as it sounds stellar. 


Anyway, bring on more specs, pictures and most importantly, reviews from people who own other high end rigs, because ultimately I'll want to know how this performs against them. Someone get ClieOS a review sample! ;)

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I just wish it was out already.. as well as the Balanced CLAS and RxMkIII evil_smiley.gif



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Originally Posted by qusp View Post

who shouldnt even be considering such purchases anyway



qusp : I'm voicing this out because I'm a little taken aback. I'd like to voice my opinion just as you did without malice if you may.


I may not make much $ but being a trained audio engineer, I like to enjoy music at its highest level.


If product proves itself desirable in terms of SQ and cosmetics, I'm pretty sure everyone would like to work towards owning one.


A good example would be the iPhone which started out as a $1000 phone but it did become wildly popular across the world, across all economic boundaries.


Point is, a company aimed at maximising profits would focus on hitting a sweet spot with the world consumer instead of the elite crowd. 


One luxury brand who manages that successfully is Porsche, which manages fantastic growth in times of financial deploration, allows the common man ownership at their older vintage models with reasonable reliability and the well heeled the reward of the state of the art. 


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I don't get why people are still thinking of getting external DACs when the DAC chip is supposedly good, i kinda think iBasso is trying to introduce an all-in-one system, if so, memory makes or breaks it for me =P UNDER $1K PLEASE. beerchug.gif

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after x3 from fiio being fuc*ed up, finally something to look forward to.
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I am very, very excited. I am looking for a new DAP and I was looking at Fiio but we all know what happened to that. Hopefully this gets a good price point with decent battery life and removable storage. 

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As long as this is around the 801's price or less, I am absolutely getting this :)

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SWEET!  I just found this thread...

I really hope this turns out better than some of the other attempts out there (Gapless .flac playback PLEASE!)




Saving pennies...  Any word on price yet?



-HK sends


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Originally Posted by HK_sends View Post

Saving pennies...  Any word on price yet?

No word on pricing yet. Let's hope that it won't cost a bomb =)


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Originally Posted by uelover View Post

No word on pricing yet. Let's hope that it won't cost a bomb =)


X2. A price around the 400 usd of the Hifiman 602/3 would make me soooo happy :)


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Given iBasso's best portable amps and DACs are around the £2-300 mark over here, and this on paper has a far better DAC section, is a full player/new territory e.t.c. I'd probably imagine they'll be asking £5-600 for it, which will be around $800-900. If someone like Jude gets a sample to review and is all gushy then they'll have no problems with people parting with their cash for one. Indeed, given they've just said they won't be putting the Sabre in the D7, it gives the DX100 exclusivity and means people can't compare the price of the DX100 to the D7 as they won't be using the same chip now.

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Even at $800 I would be tempted to get this over my Cowon X7 and Just Audio uHA-120 combo. The thought of a 1-box solution that does 24/192 playback with a powerful amp and a very capable DAC is just too alluring although I'll miss having 120gigs of space...

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No pricing available yet, not even an indicative one. But there will be pre-order.

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Thankfully we won't have long to wait - 3-6 weeks, or there abouts.

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Price speculations aside (you can't judge an individual's sense of value, especially when it comes to enjoyment), if this thing does run on android, has +20 hrs battery, external physical play controls, and is not sluggish on the software/usability like the Cowon D3, then I will likely get one. Bonus if it can be used as just DAC, just AMP, or DAC/AMP combo from a computer just like the D12, but that is not a deal-breaker for me.


I was disappointed when the Fiio X3 fell through. Sub-to-the-scribed.

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