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For Sale: WTS> Damaged iMod (60gb, 5G)

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For Sale:
WTS> Damaged iMod (60gb, 5G)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all, my trustworthy iMod recently died on me.

In essence, unable to turn on due to Dunno what reason, shows the apply unhappy face upon reboot.


Highly suspect it is the HDD that died, but unable to confirm.

Not good at DIY, so dont have intention to repair on own.


Scroll wheel replaced with White iPod scroll wheel, so it looks great.

iMod in very good cosmetic condition.


Shipping from Singapore will be borne by me, cheers.

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Is this a RedWineAudio iMod or a DIYMod?

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hi this is an iMod done by reputed Fonebone.:)

essentially a RWA iMod is more bass heavy, whereas his is more clear and has better staging in comparison.

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Do you still have the Alo Cable?

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