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Looks like a nice turntable setup.  Don't feel too bad about ripping the needle off, we all end up doing that at least once.  I tore the needle off a Zu DL-103 while dusting my Well Tempered turntable, now I pay more attention when cleaning/adjusting etc.



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Thanks...yeah I was really mad at myself for being so uncareful. I've learned to be more patient with setting up this whole thing and I think I've gotten a little OCD over turntable setups. Making sure everything is adjusted accordingly and accurately. bigsmile_face.gif

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Music Direct is having the TTPSU (older model) on sale right now for $279, thought fellow Rega owners might want to know. I was going to wait a bit before I made the upgrade, but figured that this sale probably won't last very long. Mine should be arriving sometime next week. I also ordered herbies way excellent mat and extra tube dampers (before I knew about the sale). Update will come later with pics!


Since the arrival of my preamp, and a few small tweaks, my vinyl setup has been amazing. It sounded thin and off at first, and I found that the cause was the IsoFEET on the granite made it sound hard, edgy. It came with these plastic or delrin footers and since I've added them to the feet, the soul and groove came back. And now my system is pumping awesome music. Goes to show how much the platform matters in terms of dealing with turntables. I can't imagine how much better it can get. :)

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Originally Posted by SemiAudiophile View Post

Goes to show how much the platform matters in terms of dealing with turntables.

Especially with the Rega design philosophy.  A table with a base and separate isolated or even suspended plinth will be a bit different.


Looks like Musicdirect is chopping the prices on a lot of the Rega vinyl gear, which would be indicative to me that Rega is introducing more new products.  They make mention that the redesigned phono stage in their Brio-R is to match the new updated sonics of their tables.  So maybe they're gonna do new phono stages.  And the 700 arm for cheaper... might mean the 303 is almost sonically up there with it, maybe.  I'm eyeballing that RP6 pretty hard, not in red though.  Only Ferraris should be red.

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For a while i've considered getting a VPI table, but not so much now. After hearing what this P3 can do, the sound fits up right my alley. Makes me just want to get up and dance. Whereas the VPI sound maybe better for sitting back and and relaxing. Even with a budget cart like the 440mla, the sound is already so detailed and great. I think I'll be keeping this table for a long time. For a second table, I'd probably consider a different sound maybe a Linn or something?


For that price, the RP6 don't look bad at all. Already comes with the TTPSU and better quality subplatter as well as the 303 tonearm. I'd take red over plain black anyday. wink.gif

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How do you guys feel about damping the plinth of Rega and other lightweight tables?


Just found this thread: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=228361


Was researching about it after seeing the 3m damping sheets on MusicDirect...


also this: http://hi-fi-avenue.blogspot.com/2011/02/removing-bad-vibes.html


I have extra dynamat laying around, so i'm thinking of adding some to the bottom of the plinth, possibly around the bearing housing area and by the motor...

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I've had this thread open for an hour deciding what I'd reply with, because I think it's one of those things again that goes against what Rega is trying to accomplish with it's lightweight but rigid as possible approach.  But, assuming those posters in your linked threads aren't lying, there seems to be reason enough to at least try it your self as cost isn't too high.


Maybe because everything has a natural resonant frequency, and possibly Rega has all their parts "in tune" with each other for their desired overall sound, that lowering one or more of those frequencies will alter that "in tune" Rega sound, and you'll hear a change, and then decide whether you like it more or less than before.  From light and lively to a darker dull sound maybe?  I dunno.



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I think you're probably right...though I am curious to see what damping might do to the Rega, perhaps change it's sound signature? I'll give it a try over the weekend and let u guys know what I think!

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They ran out of the old model TTPSU's. :(


Can still purchase a new one for 10% off though. I think I'm gonna bite.


The Way Excellent Mat has been a great enhancement btw. Really like what its doing to the sound. I was pretty skeptical at first, but it has turned out to be the most noticeable upgrade so far. Low level details as well as timing/PRaT has been most noticable so far. More later...

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Originally Posted by SemiAudiophile View Post

For a while i've considered getting a VPI table...

See they have a new one?  




I'm interested, at the moment.  It'd be great to get the RP6 and the VPI and something else and go nuts for three months.


VPI went with aluminum for a platter and the top of the plinth.

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Interesting to see a aluminum platter and top plate. Any word on the price yet? I don't quite like the way the wire sticks out like that on all their tables, seems hazardous especially when you have pets. 


My TTPSU came today, but I haven't done any critical listening yet. You were right BTW, I did try damping the bearing housing, I thought it sounded better at first, but it totally dulled the sound; lost its energy and tempo. 

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I've seen $1300, and $1400


That wire sticking out is their anti skate adjuster.

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I finally bought a record clamp, went with the bren1...not sure how I feel about it yet. It seems to give a more spacious soundstage as far as depth and width, but at the cost of losing some of the Rega energy.

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i've got that same table with the 24 motor and glass platter. I tried out the rubber but ended up using felt. I tried a dozen carts on this and ended up with dynavector. It's pricey but there is a reason why so many use the rega/dyna combo. My second fav is the stock elys2 cart. Only issue with that is that it's a bit low mid dominant. The rega 'sound' is also such, the dyna balances things out a bit. Enjoy that table either way, it will last your entire lifetime most likely. Just replace the belt every ten years or so !   I've owned many tables over the years. direct drive, linear tracking, several belt driven, isolating tables, vintage ala AR with suspended tables. Those AR are the opposite of the rega sound and as you say are more nuanced and 'relaxing' while the rega just plain rocks with a more solid and full sound. I feel in a way the suspended platters are real nice but the rega is so much more reliable and with that 24 motor, much more well timed and the spinning of the platter and the arm combo is really a big part of getting lp's to sound 'right'. enjoy !

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Good to hear!, I think I'm probably going to keep this table forever, don't have any plans on upgrading. But I do think I want to try another table in the future though, just for a different type of sound. Perhaps VPI or something other..you are right about the Rega's, I like their simplicity and they're just reliable. As long as you take good care of them, and make adjustments accordingly, they can play music all day.

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