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The REGA P3/24 Project

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Hey guys, I finally bought a real record player and now I'm looking for a good phono preamp to match it with. Right now I'm using TCC TC-750LC which is fine, but I don't got anything to compare it with. Problem is it only works with MM cartridges and now I'm looking for something that works with both MM and MC cartridge. I'm thinking about getting the DV 20X carts in the future from popular recommendations.


Right now, I'm looking at 2 popular options. The NAD PP-2 and Cambridge Azur 640p.


Are there any other worthy options to look for? I want to stick with solid state since I'll be switching between both a SS and tube amp. I kind of want something with more gain too because right now I have my volume maxed on my tube amp and it doesn't get really loud. Budget between $100-300 might spring for $400 if it's really good. Thanks in advance!

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I'd consider the Rega options also, but it's either MM or MC.  Then I was going to suggest taking a look at the Soundsmith units, and once again see that they're either or, not both.  What would really be the cat's pajamas would be a used PS Audio GCPH, but I don't think they get down to $400, so I guess I've been of zero help. 

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Yeah, I was thinking about the Rega Fono's too. The other thing is that I notice that the tonearm bounces and sways a bit while playing a record is that normal? it sounds fine but it does bother me when I stare at it. I read about it and it sounds like it could be because of tonearm resonance, so that's why I'm trying to look for a better fitting cart too. I'm still a noob when it comes to vinyl setup so any help would be much appreciated.

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Bounces and sways because the record is warped and the center hole is off center?  Or bounces and sways all on it's own?  Cause that'd be weird if it did that.

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well it only does that sometimes, most of the time when it's near the edge. So I kind of have a feeling it could be because some of the records are warped. But some of them are fairly new and they do the same thing.

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Grado Black?  Where's your tracking force at?


I've pulled out brand new 180 gram records with some bad warps before.  You'll have that, but that's what separates the good arms from that bad ones, the ability to handle nasty warpage.  That's also why I'm a fan of record clamps, they flatten out some pretty bad warped records.  Though I understand Rega doesn't swing that way....

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Tracking force set to 1.5g, I sometimes set it higher to see if it will help with the bouncing, but doesn't do a thing. Record clamps? Interesting...I've always wondered what those things were. I was using a AT440mla before, but didn't really like that cart. It might've been a little more detailed but it lacked mids. The Grado has a much fuller, groovier sound and seems to be a better match.

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I did a little digging online and found another competitor. Musical Fidelity V-LPS. Seems to outperform the 640p with external psu. Thinking if I should get the Mk II or save about 50% with the original. 


As for the bouncing, I read something interesting and decided to try it; taping a penny to add more weight to the headshell. Rebalanced the tonearm and it seemed to have helped. Probably not ideal though. 

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Originally Posted by SemiAudiophile View Post

 Musical Fidelity V-LPS.


...Probably not ideal though. 

I was thinking of ya yesterday as I was flipping through the newest Musicdirect catalog and saw the new V-LPS II.  Then out of curiosity I went on to Amazon and saw the V-LPS ad and in the Frequently Bought Together part there was a Pyramid external power supply.  So I was reading for a while about that.  Might be a good option, the older V-LPS and the Pyramid power supply.




I personally would have to find what improvements were made to the new one before I bought either though.


And no, probably not ideal to tape a penny to the headshell, but I remember a really long time ago my mom told me to do that to her old Garrad when I got it from her.  Hah!



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Yeah, I actually went ahead and ordered the Mk II from MusicDIrect and the matching V-PSU II. I think they were the only one that carried it so far. I figured what the heck, it's got a nicer case and all and maybe better components. I'm kinda impatient like that lol. I was a little skeptical about the quality of the Pyramid PSU. From reading reviews, it seems like the V-LPS performs well above its price range, so hopefully this Mk II will be even better. 


I switched back to the AT440mla, I think I do like this cart better. Definitely hear better resolution and detail through this one. There's something about those Grado carts though, they have that engaging magic like they do their headphones. And that penny mod has been working great so far, to my ears anyway. :)

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Congrats man!


Did you readjust your tracking force after putting the penny on the headshell?  Otherwise all you did was add in a bunch more tracking force.  Like 2.5 grams actually.

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Thanks, yeah I did reset the tracking. Listening to vinyl again is really incredible. I just love it, it's so much more musical and engaging. I pulled up my small collection of records and every single one of them sounded great. These are albums I don't listen to very often, but hearing them on vinyl makes me want to listen to them again and again. I went out and purchased a few more records today to add to my collection. What I like about it really is how it puts the attention on the music, I'm not thinking about my gear at all or trying to improve it. 

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The V-LPS II has arrived! Just plugged it in and already noticing a much clearer and lively sound. Sounds jump at you with more dynamic and no more of that cloudiness. Listened to some Johnny Mclaughlin sound so sweeeet. Background appears darker even with the stock wall wart. Still waiting on the V-PSU II which should arrive in a few weeks. But I'm already quite happy with this purchase. Found a sweet deal on a used DV-20X2L too!


Now I just need to figure out how to build a wall mount for the Rega so my cat would stop pouncing on it...hehehe very_evil_smiley.gif

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So I went to Home Depot the other day and picked up some materials to build the wall mount with. I went and built it yesterday and I think it came out alright except that it's not perfectly leveled. It took me 2hrs but it wasn't that bad to build at all. I think the hardest part was finding where the wood studs were and correctly measuring and marking where I want to put it. I think I was just afraid of damaging the drywall more than anything. All the materials came out to be under $40 which wasn't bad at all. Vibration and damping probably not the best, but I'll work on that later and get the board painted as well. I'm loving the vinyl setup right now.

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Worthless without pictures!


Glad things are going well for you.  Vinyl is fun.



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