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Lord of The Rings - The Movie

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I saw the movie this past weekend and thought it was awesome. Buy the biggest tub of popcorn and an extra large soda because it's a long one. I also picked up the soundtrack today. I got the one with Liv Tyler on the cover. Does anybody know if that was her own voice in the movie. It just didn't sound like her.
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Didnt it sound like her?

oO can u show me a pic of liv on the cd cover?

She looks so different in the movie...
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Popcorn and soda? Man, there is nothing worse than being watching a good movie and having holographic small popcorn munching sounds coming from every F£@]§[{[]ing corner of the room. Not to mention the cola shhccclluuurps on huge empty plastic cups.

I say snacks should be forbidden in good movies. Besides, people keep getting up to relieve themselves.

We're like, in Rivendell, watching the birds, or hiding from the Nazgul, frozen in terror.. and there are people crushing popcorn everywhere, trying to rip a damned Mars open, etc.....duh...J.R.R. would be shocked.

Theatres that allow snacking are as low in my list as those that have
a) small screens
b) crappy sound systems
c) uncomfortable chairs
d) noisy projectors

Had to vent about that. hehe.
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Noisy projectors? Not the new UA theater in Staten Island, NY USA, stadium seating, good sound system, big ASS screen, i was very comfortable in there. Ya, Liv Tyler's voice actually sounds deep, i remember watching her on MTV recently with the guys from LOTR, maybe its the vocal coaching...if thats the case?

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deep??!?!?! ><
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The movie is definitely on my all time top ten. I think it is a great movie if looked at outside the critical eye of the average rabid Tolkien/LOTR fan. I just finished reading through the Fellowship of the Ring for the second time the morning I saw the movie (opening day), and I was overly critical, but still enjoyed it. Next time I see it the book will be further from my mind and I will probably enjoy it even more. Don't get me wrong, the movie was pretty accurate, it just left a lot out.

Oh, BTW, my wife and I and about 16 of her co-workers saw it at a brand new theater here in Columbus, Ohio. We had most of the balcony reserved (only three rows in the balcony) and were treated to a luxurious time due to the new reclining leather seating. Hardly anyone had any snacks or drinks, we were just there to enjoy the movie.

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Sorry Beowulf, but I have to have popcorn and a soda when I see a movie. I do this at home, too! I usually see an early matinee showing, that way there are fewer people and kids. For LOTR, I caught the 2:30PM show so there were only about 20 other people in the theater.
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I hardly buy popcorn in conema anymore, may be a drink if I am a bit thirsty. But the Popcorn + Drinks + the ticket can come to £10 easily and I think it's way too expensive. And for a film like LOTR, when I don't want to miss a single minute, I purposely didn't get anything because I don't want to go to the loo and miss any of it..
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