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If you want indestructible foam tips, the Monster Supertips might be right up your alley. They're sealed in some sort of silicone, making them practically immune to wear and tear. They are pretty stubby and not likely to improve fit for people with smaller than average ear canals though.


However, if you can wear your TF10 with Sony hybrids and want something that isolates better and is less prone to falling out, these will do the trick. Bass quantity is improved somewhat and highs are slightly rolled off. They currently run about $16 for 6 pairs of any given size on Amazon, which is pretty cheap for foam tips.

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I use UE200 tips: the fit is superb, far better than the original tf10 tips. Sonically and isolation wise they're about the same. Funny how UE's lowest model tips fit better than their highest model....

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are these feel better than comply T500s?

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Nice try, if it works, that can save bunch of money than Complys.

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I know these, they are pretty comfortable.

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How are these comparing with the Super tips.

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The Super Tips have a coating that makes them a bit firmer. These are just memory foam so they conform to your ear canal easier.

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Originally Posted by seven7seven View Post

What's better about these than Comply?


I've been looking for alternative for a loooong time. Shure olives are very durable... but comply will disintegrate very quickly - and very expensive, too. I've ordered the kiwi.. I'll see how that goes.
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Two suggestion for improving comply's with TF 10's.


First try them backwards get's rid of the muffled sound and maintains seal but maybe too uncomfortable.  Next cut out the core and reseat the foams on it.  Move the core inward a little

bit.  You can probably adjust to suit your taste. I liked it best cutting the distance between the end

of the core and end of the foam tip in half.  This gave me the best overall result.  Unfortunately my

comply's are thrashed right now and I need an alternative or to bite the bullet...since they are obviously overpriced.  Homya.org has the best price on a 3 pack and free shipping too.  Do those Kiwi's come in a large size? I have been using med. comply's since that's what came with the tf 10's.  They are good

but don't quite fit as well as my large double flange foam damped silicones.  I cut a comply in half and

then wraped them around my double flange silicone's core.  Inserted one from the bottom, rolled the tip back and worked the foam over the top.  They are more ambient than the best comply mod but a little brite on most music.  I am thinking of modding my qls qa 350 to get a hint more warmth.  If so I would go with the modded double flange silicones.   Anyway I am still looking for the best combination of warmth, detail staging and bass.  Right now my core modded comply's are the best balance overall.



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I'd suggest trying monster turbine triple flange tips. I don't have big ears, but those fit me the best out of all ;)

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Hi Nipit

Any suggestions on where to get those from - have you got any product links?


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