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For Sale: FS: Fisher Custom Molded UM3X

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For Sale:
FS: Fisher Custom Molded UM3X

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I had these made several months ago, but after using them with a custom TWAG cable, I sold the cable and these have been sitting in a protective case unused. Obviously, these headphones will have to be re-molded to fit the purchasers ears and I am losing around $200+ on these headphones, but sadly I really need the money.


Without funding, I will not be able to enroll in my last semester engineering courses. Sadly, it means that I have to sell all my "luxury" items. I am asking 200 shipped CONUS and I will ship internationally, but the buyer and I will have to discuss shipping fees. I accept paypal payments.



Please feel free to PM me with any questions.




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