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Upgrading from Sennheiser HD 595

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Having read the topics I could find regarding this question, I couldn't really find an accurate answer to my question, so I thought I'd post my own thread.


So; I've owned the 595s for around three years now, I believe. I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, and with the upcoming holiday season it seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. Especially considering the 650s seem to have dropped around 50 euro in price.

Let me start off by saying that I really do like the 595s. If I had to point out the negatives, I'd say it would be nice to have a little more bass at lower volumes. In fact, my main gripe would be that it seems to sound a lot better when used at a higher volume, though I imagine this applies to all headphones, speakers etc.


I wasn't 100% sure about upgrading to the 650, after having heard things about it being 'slow', 'veiled' and rather bassy.

The new version is meant to be brighter and faster, I believe? It would be very helpful if someone who has heard both the 595 and the new 650 could help me out with this one.


The 'phones will be used primarily for music; all genres. They will be used with a FiiO E7/E9 combo.


So; Are the new 650s a fairly straight upgrade to the 595s?



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I would say if you want to stay in the Sennheiser family, the HD600 would be a total upgrade. The HD650 would be a different kind of sound all together, as it is dark (ie, not bright) and mellow; though it's not that bassy, it's just a little more bassy than something completely neutral. But it doesn't overwhelm you with bass. So if you want something brighter with a good neutral musical sound, the HD600 would be for you; and if you want something darker and laid back with a little more warmth to it, the HD650 would be for you.

Or you can look to other headphones all together. The Beyer DT880, Hifiman HE-300, Fischer Audio FA-002, AKG Q701, AudioTechnica 900X, etc, comes to mind.


Very best,

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The HD650 will definitely be an upgrade to the HD595. The HD600 is also an excellent choice if you're looking for something slightly more analytical. This is, of course, assuming you want to stick with Sennheiser.


To help others out with this thread -- what is your budget?


EDIT -- Mal beat me to it...

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Thanks for the quick replies guys!

Budget is 300 euro, or 400 dollars, which is what the HD650 costs over here.


If you'd like to recommend some other headphones; as I said I listen to most genres, but not very often to classical, jazz or electronic. That being said, I'm still very much exploring music as a whole, so I wouldn't go with a pair of headphones that really don't work well with these genres.

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Sennheiser phones tend to pair well with most genres, so not much to worry about there. While it isn't as big of an upgrade, there is also the Sennhesier HD598 -- very lively and said to not show any characteristics of Senn's "veil".


Outside that, Mal hasn't steered anyone in a bad direction yet, so anything he suggests is going to be good.

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