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For Sale:
FS: Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ 8gb - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere






I've decided to put my Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ up for sale. It's still in excellent condition, looks and sounds fantastic (if you've ever owned a Clip+, you know what I mean).


I can't offer any of the original packaging materials, but I do still have the software CD (with Rhapsody on it), and also the original earbuds, and original Mini/Micro USB Data Cable (and of course these items that I do still have will be included in the sale).


Asking $40.00 shipped USPS Flat Rate Priority (International buyers will need to pay more for shipping --- I'll have to get back with you with an exact amount). Payment via PayPal.


Any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM. . .






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