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For Sale:
FS: HeadDirect/HiFiMan RE0 In-Ear Earphones - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I just acquired these through a sale here at Head-Fi. They were slightly used when I got them, but I really haven't used them all that much, and have only had them now for a few weeks, at most.


These are really great phones if you like your sound signature to be absolutely perfectly analytical, flat, uncolored, but yet quite textured & balanced, and seemingly infinitely crisp, clear and sparkling on the high end. But I guess I just like a bit more warmth on the deep end, is all. Aside from this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these. They truly are an excellent set of earphones, and are still for all intents and purposes just like brand new in the condition which I am currently selling them.


I don't have the original box for these, but instead I have a HeadDirect/HiFiMan box for a pair of RE2s, which I will use instead. Please make note of this and be aware of it, so as not to be shocked or confused when you open up the package and find a box which clearly says the words "RE2", instead of "RE0" on it wink.gif


I'll include several sets of tips with these, the shirt clip, and the filters, as well. Shipping will take place via USPS Flat Rate Priority, and payment via PayPal. International buyers will need to pay an extra fee for shipping, the exact amount of which I'll have to determine at a later time.


Any questions, comments or concerns, please PM. . .




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