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Audio interface + AKG K702

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Hi guys, I just purchased a pair of K702 and I was wondering if my audio interface, which is a M-Audio Fast Track Pro, will be enough to power the headphones.



This is what they say on M-Audio website :



One of the hallmarks of a great audio interface is its monitoring flexibility—and Fast Track Pro delivers. Fast Track Pro features a powerful headphone amp with volume control. Hardware direct monitoring eliminates the latency or delay inherent in even the best internal circuitry while listening to your input and existing tracks.


But I still can't find the actual specs of that ''powerful'' amp !

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Anyone has an idea ??

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In the past I had 3 M-audio sound cards, and the hps amp unite in those cards is very weak. you can try the Apogee Duet if you're using a Mac. The second option will be to get hps amp.


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I have both k702 and fast track pro.


I'll tell you this: 

You can listen through the audio interface headphone out.

You will have to crank the volume knob almost all the way in order to get decent volume.

In fact, you can do this with almost any device, including your laptop built in headphone out, ipod etc.


However, this sounds pretty lame compared to what these headphones are capable of.

I also have a fancier more powerful audio interface, which still doesn't satisfy these headphones' needs.


I bought meier corda swing as a budget clean amp to satisfy my studio requirements.



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My HT|Omega did a decent job at powering them but not great. And that amp was rated as being able to power 600 ohms.

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K701/ K702 are great headphones. You need a dedicated amp to drive them. A good tube amp is recommended.

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Finally got a D4 mamba !!


Sounds great compared to the ****ty m-audio phones output !

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