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2011 Head-Fi Holiday Music Exchange

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Sorry this is a couple of days late - I intended to start this the day after Thanksgiving.


For those not familiar, Head-Fi has a tradition of exchanging a CD with another member for the holidays


If you would like to participate in the exchange, please post in this thread and let us know if you're willing to shop internationally.  I will then pair people off.  Contact your partner and exchange your addresses via PM and send the CDs off.


I will set a tentative deadline of December 10 at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.


This is one of our best traditions and I hope we have lots of people participating!

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Maybe delete this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/582142/2011-head-fi-holiday-gift-exchange

And my post ;)

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I'm in. Ultrainferno - Belgium - Worldwide

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krod3003 - Kevin - USA - CONUS

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I'm in as always! Look forward to the "whadjaget" thread biggrin.gif

Dzjudz - The Netherlands - Worldwide
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I had already made a thread. Maybe look before you post Erik. Count me out. Thanks for nothing.
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Totally in.


MorbidToaster - USA - North America


EDIT: After experiencing recent international shipping rates lately I've had to change my shipping preference.

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I am in for conus
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I'm in ,rroseperry - Renee - in USA - will ship worldwide.

It might be a nice gesture to harvest the other thread and give the originator a tip of the hat.
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Definitely in! The last gift exchange was shortly after my joining head-fi, and the family feel of it is probably one of the reasons I stuck around. Can't spring for international shipping though, so I'm USA only.

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I'm in


Proglover - Dave - the Netherlands - Wordwide

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Absolutely, live in Denmark but am in worldwide.

Just a notice that I'm traveling with work and will not be able to send anything until 22nd December
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I'm in!


Raguvian - US - worldwide

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In! Canada, preferably like to keep it within North America.

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Im in;


cifani090 - Brandon - USA - Worldwide

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