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I bought the exact ones as the OP, the Bose OE2. I also have the HD595, the ATH-M50. I agree with the op somewhat. I heard most of the same as the OP. 


The Bose OE2 have a concert hallish sound. I sort of feel like I'm watching them on stage. In a front row kind of way. I'm right there. The bass and some treble can be

felt a little, I think it's because of how close the drivers are to your ears and there is all this cusion in between, perhaps that stuff vibrates? Not sure but the sound

feels really close.The lows are present, but not overbearing. The mids could be better but are good. The highs probably need the most work but still acceptable to me.

The highs are recessed and don't have any symbalance or punch. I like it but I do see how people won't because it kills the sharpness of it a little.

I really liked how the music felt coming from these little babies lol. The cord is short, and fragile. I'm wondering if I can replace them with something else

because they probably won't last long. Super comfortable! Wow!


Compared to the HD595, the HD595 have much clearer mids and highs, but the soundstage is not there. The soundstage is more direct, more 2Dish. Not sure how

describe it but I don't really feel like im anywhere. The Bass is very good in tone but not depth or feeling. I don't feel the Bass much at all to be honest with the HD595.

These are comfortable though. Not as comfortable as the Bose. Big, don't rest on your ears.


The ATH-M50, these are more noticeable to me. I can feel the Bass. The Bass is more punchy but still clear and not overpowering. The mids are balanced,

I don't feel like their overbearing but neither are they spectacular. The highs are good and balanced. The soundstage is very direct, I feel like it's a party inside my head.

A party as a club or something similar. The sound is punchy but balanced and not overbearing. I can listen to these for hours and not feel tired by the sound.

Tight around the head. I wear glasses so these become uncomfortable after an hour or two of wearing. Not sure what to do to stretch them out.


I'm not an obsessive audiophile but these are my observations so far.


I liked the Bose OE2. The price was a little high, but I think the price is worth it to me because of the comfort, the slim design, the soundstage, the impact of the

sound against my ears. While the Bass is not overpowering, I do feel that vibration and it's very pleasing to me. The mids and highs are not great as HD595, but

I can live with it. It still feels like the singer or instruments are right there in front of me which is awesome for me.


I unfortunately have not had good times with Bose customer service. The guy I spoke with was a real prick. I was very calm and well spoken with him but when

I was trying to explain the issue I was having with my IE pair he just refused to help me. It was very clear they were defective. I had to go into a store and show

them and then they finally caved in. This was very disheartening as a Bose store is not near me at all. It's almost a 2 hour trip for me to get issues resolved. 

I hear they are good now but I'll take with a grain of salt.


I'm not a expert or professional but these are my observations and experiences. YMMV I guess. Good luck.

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