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Yeah...I was also under the impression that the drivers are the same. Part numbers on sonys spare part catalogue match. Well...if I can't get a good deal on sa3000 I propably do something else with the sa5000 headband. I was thinking about buying hd650 drivers because theyre so cheap but I doubt it would work. That connector bad sticks out so much that there might be no space for it within the sa5000 cups. Shame...the headband is gorgeus.

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I like the HD800 and T1 quite a bit and also a fair share of darker cans too. Would have been very keen to try a SA5000 but it seems like there is none new and only second hand. It'd be highly appreciated if anyone knew where a new one could be found?

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They've been discontinued, you'll have a HARD time finding a brand new pair, I looked everywhere for one and got extremely lucky to find one on French eBay for a very decent price after quite a few months of hunting.


You're better off finding a used pair. I did find a new pair here:




but at 789usd, that's a joke of a price, I wouldn't buy them for that much. You can find a used pair in good condition on head-fi for 350-450usd, just gotta be patient and wait for one to pop up.

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I never got around experementing if the sa3000 and sa5000 drivers are the same because I got a good deal for a used sa5000. So now I have one working pair and extra headband and spare driver if something happens :) Anyway... I definately would have fixed my pair if I had known how good these sound. Spl phonitor seems to be a great match. These are first headphones that really impress me without having a huge soundstage. Depth is great but presentation is not that wide. But with imaging and instrument separation this excellent who cares! Perfect change of space for DX1000. On the other hand it's great to be able to enjoy headphones with different soundsignatures but this "ability" might get expensive at some point :biggrin:

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