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For Sale: GRADO HF2 #1085 (CONUS/PayPal)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
GRADO HF2 #1085 (CONUS/PayPal)

Will Ship To: CONUS


Moving to HD800.   These HF2 are #1085.  
(I traded HF2 #036 with KevinBrown for this pair.  These HF2 had a tiny bit more upper-mids "energy" than #036.)
These are "A" stock but because some of the machining can be seen on the text face & there is some wear on the lettering (I actually shot these so they look bad on purpose), I think they are a bit more like "B" stock.  
There is a small, darker mark on the right cup which I have circled in a close-up shot.  There is some change in the satin finish on the left cups so that a bit of a "cloudy" effect or slight "line" in the finish can be seen.  Some close-up shots of these are provided and circled in light that makes them really show.
The headband is in great shape and no silver of the R/L on the gimbal holder has flaked off.  
They perform just fine!!
Asking $SOLD CONUS + PayPal + Shipping.

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That is some full disclosure!  I've seen and heard these, they are a fine example of the HF-2.



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Thanks, shipsupt.


I would like to lower expectations but then have someone <happy> with them when they show up!  tongue.gif

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just wondering.... i thought Grado only made 550 of these.... 20 some are B stock right?

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CEE-TEE, you really ready to let these go? I'm interested, but would have to wait until January. (It is the holiday season after all.) wink.gif
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Hi @rroseperry, these are "A" stock and I took the pics to make it easy to see any markings at all...they don't look bad in person.


I would have no problem meeting up with you to let you listen to them/see them to decide if you would like to buy them in January!


Let me know if you would like to do a micro meet-up between Christmas and New Year's just to check 'em out!


(I'm now rolling my system around HD 800 and the HF 2 proceeds will go towards tubes...)

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PM sent
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Have a "micro-meet" to audition the HF2 Thursday the 29th...will post if sold Thursday night!

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Also interested if not sold.  PM sent

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Right now, order of "dibs":

  1. rroseperry
  2. paulybatz
  3. chachokat


Will let you know if they aren't sold next Thursday, thank you very much for the interest...

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Sorry @paulybatz and @chachokat...they are sold.

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