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For Sale:
Corda Headfive amp -- limited run for HeadFi

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Am selling my Corda Headfive amp. This was a limited run for Head-Fi.  Assume if interested you'd already be familiar with this. 


Very good condition, non-smoking home.  Let me know if you have questions...!


These photos are a bit dark but the amp is basically flawless.


I had a bunch of successful transactions on Head-Fi but looks like they changed the feedback system since I last sold an item.  I'm also "reconceive" on eBay with many positive seller feedbacks.


photo.JPG photo(1).JPG photo(2).JPG



Original specs posted by Dr. Meier.

Specs for Head Five $250 (10% goes to Head-Fi):
limited series of 500 amplifiers
ALPS potentiometer
Crossfeed filter
Power supply: 110/115 or 220/230 Volts switchable
Power uptake: 3 Watts
Maximal amplification (1 kHz): 10 dB
Maximum output: 12 Volts
Input impedance: 12 kOhm
Output impedance: < 1 Ohm
Toroidal transformer
Nichicon capacitors, (all bypassed with film-capacitors).
Four LM6171 opamps and
Two BUF634 output buffers
All capacitors in the signal path are polypropylen or polystyrol

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