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Newbie Needs Amp/DAC Help

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Hello. I am new here and looking for some advice.


I fell into some Senn HD650 headphones. I am trying to get the most of them with my very limited current equipment I own and a spending budget of only around $600 going forward. 


I am looking to get an AMP and/or DAC (I listen to flac frequently on MacBook Pro) and vinyl at home.


I have:

Project III TT, Bellari VP130 phono preamp, Yamaha VSX-91TXH AV Receiver, MacBook Pro


I need help with what to buy (in budget) and how to setup for home listen and through the MBP. I am trying to get the most out of these headphones within that spending amount (give or take a bit).. Thanks.



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so this board pretty much is useless then..

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If you like vinyl, you might like playing with tubes. The Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (headphone and speaker amp) and the D2 (DAC) would fall in under $500 for both of them. The A1 is also a preamp so you could do 2 things in 1 unit.



There's other offerings from Audio-GD like the NFB series that are DAC's and basic headphone amps in 1 package:




I've personally only had experience with the Maverick A1, D1 and then the Audio-GD NFB-12. They are all fantastic introductory units. I personally liked the NFB-12 for the DAC and the Maverick A1 for a headphone amp. For any questions or info on the Maverick equipment, see my signature.


Hopefully my limited experiences helps you out :)

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Congrats on spending $600! $600 is the perfect budget for a good amp. Id personally go for a Burson or Woo.

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