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New tubes for HiFiMAN EF-2A ???

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Hello all!   I recently acquired the HiFiMan EF-2A DAC / Amp and wanted to start my journey into tube rolling off on the right foot. I am a complete noob when it comes to Tubes, and know almost nothing about what type of tube will work with what type of amp. If anybody cares to recommend any tubes to replace the stock 6J1 tubes I am all ears! 


FYI, my set up is as follows if it helps with tube recommendations...


Macbook Pro -->  Music Streamer II -->  HiFiMAN EF-2A -->  Beyerdynamic DT 990, Sen HD 595



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I replaced mine with a set of NOS Mullard M8100 (CV4010) - really enjoying the sound (placebo or not, I like it). They were mid range price wise - I think I paid about $20 plus postage for a matched set.


A lot of people really like the Raytheon 6AK5 EF95 as replacements as well. 

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Awesome. Thanks for the recommendations.   =)         It's fascinating that such old tubes used for such different purposes than head-fi listening enjoyment can work so well.


I have heard others speak highly of the Raytheon tubes, as well as the Mullard so I will deff give them a chance. I feel it could become addicting trying out different tubes....  =/


Anyways, is the best place to find new old stock tubes on the ol' ebay?

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That is where I found mine. There are also several online tube specialists around but I have not had any direct experience with them. 

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