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My favorite scene from one of the most memorable cartoon episodes of my childhood.

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My imagining of a "planar head"

I made this back when I joined, cause I was bored.
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Cat Woman, a painting by Jim Warren. Best known for the cover of the Pete Seger & the Silver Bullet album.


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Mine is Disney's Fantasmic album cover from the (former) MGM, now Hollywood Studios park. I really enjoy the show and its soundtrack...its a great way to test out headphones and the like because of the recording. smily_headphones1.gif
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Decided to change it to support the Sonic 3 HD project. I made this logo and liked it quite a bit, but the rest of the team favored one of my older, more complicated ones for the official logo.
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Originally Posted by grokit View Post


That was dry biggrin.gif


Aaron Rodgers, the second most productive QB in the NFL, right behind...Tim Tebow eek.gif

I still say that the Colts have proven to me that this year's MVP should be Peyton Manning. tongue.gif


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Fearless Fosdick, the hero of the comic book read by the hero of the Lil' Abner comic. It started as a running gag but ended up so popular that comic-within-a-comic became a regular feature, and even got a real-world comic book.


In case you think metastories in comics started with Stan Lee or manga, that was all going down in the 1930s.


My local paper stopped running the Lil' Abner comic before I was old enough to to read, but my dad was an avid fan of Lil' Abner and had the Fearless Fosdick book, so I grew up entertained by an in-joke without knowing the entire context around it. Although it was easy to grok that he was parodying Dick Tracy.


Mostly, though, he's just my fallback avatar whenever I set up an account somewhere.



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I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander), and Lamb/Sheep here outnumber the human population by about 10:1 (pop ~ 4.5m, lamb/sheep ~ 45m).  I also work in the industry - selling Lamb around the world.  Finally - avid follower of the national rugby team (All Blacks) + can be a bit of a black sheep at times anyway wink.gif

Your avatar should be doing the haka then.


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I like skulls and I like blue....

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Ferrari 458 Italia. My favourite car at the moment

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Originally Posted by ardgedee View Post

Your avatar should be doing the haka then.


If I could find sheep doing the haka then it'd be a winner wink.gif


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Mine is a picture taken by Matajuro at the 2nd Omaha Head-Fi meet which I organized. Matajuro was our designated photographer (which he was very protective of) and delivered stunning results.


Here is the album he made of that event.




Hell, he even managed to make me look good!



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Liked the image.

Altered the hue.


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Mine was just to cute to pass up. Plus it's almost Christmas. I may not believe in this holiday but i still enjoy it.

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Originally Posted by Head Injury View Post

Does this count?




Nope.  Thought something like that might come from one of our Australian 'mates'.  Long standing antipodean joke (sheep-shaggers).  It's probably why we enjoy beating the Ozzies more than any other team in rugby union.  Unfortunately they do the same to us in cricket and league.  Couldn't ask for better trans-tasman brothers though.  Despite the fierce sporting rivalry, in any global conflict you'll always find the Aussies and Kiwis supporting each other.  Just on the playing field ....... wink.gif

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THE best of the greatest consumer Porsche ever made. Go Rauh Welt!!! Someday Ill own a rusty 930 not even 1/3 as nice as that and Ill still be happy biggrin.gif. Ill put a Stella sticker on the side too (it adds 500HP and Stella is delicious)

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