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I like cats.

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Originally Posted by Jepu View Post

I like cats.

Me too <3

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post

Me too <3

Me 3 but I just didn't make an avatar of mine.  Nice portable cat trap there.  :biggrin:

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Logo from the band Magnum's album "Wing's of Heaven", released back in the mists of time (well 1988 or there about's anyway!).  If you are into rock in any way check them out!

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Drake's - NWTS album

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she is   C . U. T. E       no?

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Just trying to get the word out about some events...



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My LCD-3s and my Colt Single Action Army in ... guess which caliber.

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My nick means frog in Japanese, and its wearing headphones, so ...!

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I like Scooby-Doo, and I luv riding my bikes. WooHaa!!!
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My namesake.....:D

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Ms. Grado, who greets visitors to the Headphone section of gradolabs.com by ignoring them, absorbed in the music from her Grado PS500s to the exclusion of all else.

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Thats me, rocking out to some trivium about 4 years ago.

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My other cat yay

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Head-Fi SUCKS.

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