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Explain your avatar - Page 152

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Mirrors - as usual....

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Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

I wonder how she did it.

one of three ways.

1) a harness under her cloths

2) Shes dead now

3) charlotte

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Power of the pen, combination of my personal favorites (various things ) into 1 picture.
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A dazed baby lizard on my hand
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Kurt Cobain.

I use this picture every year from February 20th (birth) until April 5th (death).
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"Her silent smile" series cont'd...


Her silent smile - BW - Copy.jpg

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Hit the link in my sig,...

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Even the Doctor needs a dap

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titan grin.png

Because lipless, skinless grin from a giant that's about to eat you turns me on.
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Her silent smile 16Avril - Copy.jpg



"Her silent smile" series continued...

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"Her silent smile" series continued...

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It's my 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250.  Gets me back and forth to worth just fine.  

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You simply gotta love Flat Eric!


Paint Tool -SAI- JPEG Encoder v1.00

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Her silent smile...

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Things to do with the rider when you've hours before a show.

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