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It's myself with one of my newer headphones, JVC HA-RX 900

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Great, and you were listening to...?


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A-Ha - Take On Me

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Originally Posted by LeDave View Post

A-Ha - Take On Me
Great song!!! cool.gif
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I did not recognize it by title. But then, once the vid played, I remembered if from TV, commercials and film.

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Well, since the confusion factor of the TMAC "MuppetFace March" avatars is lost, since there are multiple variants out there (even from day to day blink.gif), I decided to switch to a MuppetFace avatar with less garish coloring. smile_phones.gif

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Mine is poking fun at a great head fi tradition. It seems the most solution to an problem is "throw an amplifier at it"
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Currently, I have the Japanese kanji characters that make up the Japanese word for music (おんがく, or ongaku in roman letters). I happen to like a lot of j-pop and j-rock. 

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We like that...a lot!


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Her silent smile...


Silent One profile picture

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Nice lips,...
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Great...what about her silent smile? biggrin.gif

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Oh, I'm smiling,...and it's mucho silent. It's a WIN-WIN of course,... ;p
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TMAC, Darth Vader in Muppetface color

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I'm a big fan of the band, Tool.  The image is from the cover of their dvd/album release, Salival.  

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